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    Does anybody know where I'll be able to find information on the Royal Scots Fusiliers? Would the info be at the NA or is there a Scottish equivalent?


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    If you want the war diaries they are at TNA Kew.
    WO 169/24846
    2 RSF
    Covering dates1945 Jan
    more search results here.
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    The Regt Museum has this.
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    The RSF are much less well documented due to the fire in the museum in 1985, which was started in the Library, (a thief broke in and set fire to it after finding no money to steal) unfortunately it was in the RSF section he started the fire and a good portion of those archives went up in smoke.
    As well as Battalion History's we hold Regimental History's, which gives a larger overview of what the Regiment was doing at a particular time, but rarely mention a man by name
    RSF Journals from the mid 30's till the amalgamation in 1959 (RSF's in-house magazine)(was not produced during the war)
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    Thanks Owen,

    I'm actually looking for 1946 - 1949 which I can't find on the NA website.

    It just goes to show how stupid some people are breaking into a regimental museum for money. Then sets fire to it.

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