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Discussion in 'Canadian' started by Schmart, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Schmart

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    Does a published written history exist for the Regt?
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  3. Schmart

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    I did see that book for sale. It's a pictorial history though (I may still get a copy). I was hoping to find a written history of the Regiment.
  4. canuck

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    Have you obtained their war diaries?
  5. dryan67

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    There are three histories of the Westminster Regiment:

    Anon. The Westminster Regiment (M.G.) C.A.S.F. New Westminster: np, c. 1940. (D.Ryan-Digital)

    Oldfield, Major J.E. The Westminster’s War Diary: An unofficial history of the Westminster Regiment (Motor) in World War II.Vancouver: Mitchell Press, 1964. (Yale)(D.Ryan-Digital)

    Wilks, F.T.H. 125 Years of Loyal Service. New Westminster: np, 1988. (D.Ryan-Digital)

    I have digital copies of all three. Start a conversation with me and I can arrange to provide you copies.
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  6. Schmart

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    I've been in touch with the Regiment and they do have copies of the war diary to obtain via donation to the museum, which I will be doing, as well as purchasing a copy of the pictorial history. And of course thanks to David for the additional histories!! :cheers:

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