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    Thanks Tricky Dicky I think you have the correct certificate for John Patrick Cairns registration Naas
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    Only just found this post referring to my Grandfarther, WO1(RSM) John Cairns. I do have some photo’s of him serving in both the Army and in the Police. Looking at some of the responses on here about him, there appears to be some confusion about him. I do have lots of information about him and his wife Mima. Regards David Robinson
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    If you can, please let us know what is right/wrong in the previous postings so it's clear.

    best wishes
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    My Grandfather was RSM John Edward Cairns, I don’t know where the Patrick has come from. His family originally came from Lisbellaw Co Fermanagh. His farther was also John Cairns who served in the Great War. I am not sure where my grandfather was born but he spoke many times of his childhood in Fermanagh. I was not aware that he was born in England, futher investigation may be required on this. The facts about his military service are accurate. He joined the army in 1926. He was a small arms instructor as a Sargent with the London Irish as the war broke out. During the war he servered in North Africa, Scilly and Italy and was wounded at Anzio. After the war he served in Italy. On leaving the Army he joined the RUC and trained many of its ranks in small arms. He retired in the late 70’s his passions were always shooting and fishing and he was the finest marksman I have ever seen. He never talked much about anything else except his 22 years of service with the rifles, of which he was very proud.

    The photo is RSM John Cairns taken in 1946, in Aiden I believe but it may have been taken in Italy. 8A08860B-F4BD-49C7-973D-5595B56C610F.jpeg

    If you require further information just let me know.

    David Robinson
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    Brilliant - so the photo has him in an LIR caubeen..the 1st Bn were near Trieste/Pola areas in '45 and '46...haven't got the exact dates. No doubt, he could march at a fair pace...

    At the end of '45/start of '46, my Dad was RQMS with the 2nd Bn in Austria as it was being disbanded.

    Quis Separabit.
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    F9438004-A73B-4A7A-9B2F-44DBB0F6E86C.jpeg He matched until the day he died. He was in a nursing home at the end. They brought him his breakfast, when they went back to get the tray, he had finished The breakfast, neatly placed the cuttlery on the side, finished his cup of tea and had left us for the long march. There is no way he would have ever missed breakfast and would ever have gone on a long March on an empty stomach. John Cairns is on the left side of the photo, it was taken in early 1942 when he was a CSM. Not sure where it was taken.
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    Marvellous story. Photo above probably taken when he was an instructor at the Duke of York'sbut not taken at the Dukes.

    I attach a photo of the Sgts and others of 1 LIR, probably taken at Tivoli in Aug '44 - perhaps you can spot you grandfather.

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    Many thanks for posting the photo. I had not seen this one before, I think ( but not 100% sure) my grandfather is on the left (as you look at the photo) of the Commanding Officer, (on the row 2nd from the bottom) which would be the traditional place for the RSM to be this type of picture.
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    Yes looks about right . the CO by then was Lt-Col Baucher.
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    Better late than never....

    Photos of all RUR (1st and 2nd Battalion) headstones at La Delivrande, Hermanville and Cambes taken on 6 June this year now shown on website at 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles in WW2: 2RUR Headstones


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