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    I am looking into my fathers military history, he served with the TA in Oldham,at Rifle Street, that would be the 41st/47th rtr. which was, i believe, the 10th rtr, but i am not sure, have not yet applied for his military records, as i believe you need permission from next of kin. His name was Joseph McEntee and i know he served in North Africa, have pictures, but do not know where his regiment went on from there, he did not serve in Italy, as many tank regiments did, perhaps, after enduring many casualties, his regiment were joined with another. Enjoying the site, its great, pity i am such a novice. Thanks.:unsure:
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    Welcome hidip. There are a lot of knowledgeable members on here who will put you on the right track-they will be along very soon I promise you! Please post the pictures you have-we all like to see them. Don't worry I'm a novice as well but its amazing what these guys can tell you on here and what you pick up about theatres of war.

  3. hidip

    hidip hidip

    Thankyou for your welcome, and also encouraging words, i have only recently started looking into the history of World war two, but i find it very humbling, and i am now well and truly hooked. Thanks again, Pauline.
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    Welcome to the forum Pauline - in order to clarify - who is your father's next of kin?

    If both the serviceman and spouse are deceased, then it's my belief that any child can apply as NOK.

    The £30 fee however is waved in respect of applications made by widows.
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    welcome to the forum
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    hello again, regards next of kin, my mum is still with us, although my dad passed away in 1994, my mum is now 87years old, and although i keep meaning to ask her, i have not raised the subject as yet, i will though, as i have wanted to do this for some time. Thanks for all the welcomes, and look forward to reading all posts. Thanks once again.
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    you are on the right track with 10th RTR inasmuch as it was in the early desert until the 7th RTR was captured at Tobruk in June '42 - the 10th was then converted to replace the 7th RTR - came home for D Day and was involved in one of the first main battles of Epsom..they were in 31st Tank bde of 15th Scottish Division in VIII Corps ...along with 9th RTR and squadrons of Westminster and 22nd Dragoons with flails..
    The service records will show where he joined either 10th or 7th - so apply NOW for the application form and get your Mother to sign them and send them off to Glasgow - it's long enough to wait so time is of the essence..
  8. hidip

    hidip hidip

    Thank you for your reply, my father talked of his time in the desert, but not often, as is usually the case, also of being at the Rhine crossing, i will definitely apply for the application form, and thank you for your reply, and your help. Regards Pauline.
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    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome to the forum Pauline - enjoy!


  11. hidip

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    Thanks to all forum members for your welcome, keep up the good work, i find it fascinating. Regards to you all. Pauline.
  12. hidip

    hidip hidip

    Hi everyone, just sent off for my dads military records, so hopefully will have them within the next couple of months or so. I will also post the pictures of him in the desert in Alexandria when these come through, although they are very faded. Looking forward to receiving information about his whereabouts in world war two. Regards to all. Pauline.
  13. Tom Canning

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    Pauline - while you are waiting for Glasgow to come up with his service records -you will have time to read a couple of books - in fact you might have time to WRITE two books - first one being Barrie Pitt's "Crucible of War" - Wavell's command- the other by Peter Beale - who actually writes as C.O. of 9th RTR( originally 8th RTR) but in the same brigade as the 7th RTR in the NWE campaign- your local library can order these in for you- another good one to give you a sense of what it was like to fight in Tanks is " Armoured Odessey" by Stu Hamilton of 8th RTR in Italy..another is Bob Crisp of 1st RTR in the desert -and NWE - "Brazen Chariots"

    PS - Peter Beales book is "Tank Tracks"
    You might get the sense that all these guys are characters- as one had to be to serve in Tanks ...
  14. hidip

    hidip hidip

    Hi Tom, thanks for that, i will get ordering these books asap, i have read lots about tank warfare on veteran websites, and i suppose you had to have a sense of humor to get through, can not think of what is must have been like in a tank in the desert in those temperatures, i am really proud of him, wished i had asked him more.....thanks again. Pauline.
  15. hidip

    hidip hidip

    Hi Tom, just adding a belated birthday wish from here in sunny Oldham, hope you had a great day. Love Pauline.
  16. hidip

    hidip hidip

    Hi everyone, just received my fathers records, and as i have seen previously posed, can not make out much, as a lot of it is abbreviated, but here goes. Home, 6.6.39-1.9.39 then something in embodiedment? 2.4.39 - 24.7.42 ME 25.7.42 TO 22.4.44 then Home 23.4.44 -9.8.44 NWE 10.8.44 to 24.4.46 Home 25.4.46 - 31.7.46 then Class A (T) RES. 1.8.46 tot 7 yrs and 56 days service. Records for 7.8.40 3 ATG with Louth trp. 25.1.41 arrived spalding, 18.3.41 posted to 11btnrtr 25.9.42 embarked-uk 25.7.42 disembarked ME 20.9.42 Addm to hosp 21.4.43-discharged 24.4.43 then again 19.12.43 to 4.1.44 no reason given.SOS ME CN EMBKN FOR UNKNOWN DESTINATION - ME 8.4.44. disembarked 23.4.44 then 27.4.44 embarked uk for NWE 9.8.44 passed to Royals? 13 dec.45 posed to 44 rtr nwe 14.1.46 - 31/46 awarded 1939/45 Gr...../Germany stars....posted to 1L& BYoo? 26/46 1L & BY to 5 from 44 rtr - then medically examined and found fit for further service in Med cat A1 SOS British Army of the Rhine.25.4.46 There are also various entries of losing 7 days pay through losing his AB64 ? And also proceeded on specialist duties with the 47thbtn on the 9.47.40 but a lot of these entries are really difficult to read.......although i am amazed that they were able to keep such up to date records considering the number of soldiers enlised in WW2. I am hoping to post some pictures if possible, but they are of really poor quality.......i thought that the records might have stated which theatre his was in, but i suppose i will have to do some further research on the dates and the btns he served with at the time. Thanks for all your imput and help and tips to date. Regards to you all. Pauline.

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    I have just joined after reading your notice. My Grandfather also served with the Oldham Tanks 41/47th Royal Tank Regiment. You have got the regiment wrong that the 41/47th derived from, It was NOT 10 RTR it was the 10th Manchester Regiment which was Infantry that was converted to armour. they fought in North Africa and in Italy as you say. so in effect My Grandfather and your Father would have served together 100% guaranteed for all we know they may have been in the crew on the same tank. My grandfathers name was John McGrath and he was a driver, he was with the 10th Manchester Regiment TAVR before the war and they were at Rifle Street Drill Hall Oldham, when war broke out 2 detectives went and dragged him up from the pit he was working at and told him that he had to report to the drill hall as war had broken out and he had been mobilised, I sent off for his military records as I am the only living relative, and they are very interesting reading. I hope you have managed to get hold of your dads records. its been a long time since you posted this, but better late than never for my reply. Best Wishes.

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    Sorry, he was wrong with 10RTR, he should have put 10th Manchester Regiment that was at Oldham, they were infantry but when war broke out they were converted to roll of armour and they formed the 41/47th RTR which was Oldham Tanks. my Grandfather also served with Oldham Tanks.
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    I’m afraid Tom Canning won’t be able to respond to your post in this 8 year old topic as he passed away in 2017.


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