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    My great grandad was 2nd leitenant of the 1st batt. He join in 1935 I think and his name was William Melvin Slaughter. If anyone has any info on the 1st batt please let me know. My email is
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    Welcome to the Forum. Royal Sussex discussion is scattered all over the place which makes it difficult to find all the useful info on the site. Do you know which theatre of war your grandfather father served in? If it was in Burma then he might well have been in the 9th Battalion for example. In which case I would suggest putting a new post out under that section- its getting a bit lost here.The 9th Battalion were engaged on defence duties in the UK at first, then converted from infantry to RAC and left for India via Liverpool Docks in October 1942, arriving in India about Christmas time. They spent 1943 training, converting back to Infantry and working with combined ops anticipating a water borne invasion of Burma. That never happened and on 13th Feb 1944 they left Kharakvasla Camp, not far from Puna, to start the long journey by train and ship to Chittagong and onwards to their first battle in the Arakan.......Once you have your grandfather's MOD records come back and I am sure you will get help.
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    Chingoo and others with an interest in 7th Btn,Royal Sussex, might like to view a website about them. Not sure how long it has been up and running but seems like a good idea Just do a search on the internet..
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    Re: Captain George Herbert Cook, 7th Bn. R.S.R. he was awarded the M.I.D. not the M.C. he was recommended for it but received a M.I.D. instead. This is an error in my book. I have amended this as I have now updated both my books to a CD. "Honours & Awards 1701-1966"
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