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  1. Skip

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    Hello all,

    Can anyone in the know tell me the definitive date that the 'Pioneer Corps' became the 'Royal Pioneer Corps'? Internet searches have produced a couple of options and I want to get this right.


  2. kingdom

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    Redesignated Royal Pioneer Corps by Army Order 167/1946 under authority of a submission to HM The King dated 26/11/1946.

  3. Skip

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    Kingdom - thanks very much. So I take it that everyone serving in this corps during WW2 should be classified as 'Pioneer Corps'?
  4. Drew5233

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    They were Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps with the BEF in France.
  5. Owen

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    from wiki.
    The Royal Pioneer Corps was raised on 17 October 1939 as the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps. It was renamed the Pioneer Corps on 22 November 1940. It was renamed the Royal Pioneer Corps on 28 November 1946.

    I know one member at least on here has their offical history
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  7. Skip

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    Thanks very much to everybody - everyone I am researching falls into the Pioneer Corps category so is nice and simple. Cheers for all the help.

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