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  1. Tracy Harris

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    Having eagerly applied for my late father-in - laws service records I was very disappointed with what I received. 2 sheets, sparse info and barely legible. I have attached these 2 sheets.

    What I know for sure is this:
    Jim enlisted Nov 2 1942 and did his basic training at HMS Collingwood
    He was selected to train as a TAG in the Fleet Air Arm and sent to the USA to train, sailing on RMS Andes on Jan 14th 1943
    After a short stay in Algiers/ New Orleans he trained in Florida, firstly Miami then Pensacola, but before his training was complete he was ‘volunteered’ to help ferry an LST from Algiers to UK.
    He left USA on LST159 with Convoy UGS 9. They were diverted en route to the Med, as the decision to invade Sicily and the Italian mainland had just been made. He never did finish his TAG training but stayed on LST 159 and became coxswain of a landing craft. He took part in the landings on Sicily, and then Salerno and Anzio. He travelled back to UK in a convoy leaving Casablanca April 10 1944.
    He landed on Juno Beach on D-Day, probably as part of an LCA flotilla as he says he was on the beach before the LSTs started coming in.
    It gets a bit hazy for a while after this. When he got back to UK end June he found that his mother had been killed in one of the first V1 attacks and had 10 days leave. He served in France, Belgium and Holland. In early 1945 he went to CTC Inveraray, then to Whale Island in the expectation of being sent to the Far East but the war ended before he went.
    He finished his time until demob in July 1946 firstly as secretary to the Captain of Whale Island then as navigator on Canadian LST 3512. I think what his record indicates that he was promoted to Acting Leading Seaman on Aug 2nd 1945, but it doesn’t say where he was at the time or make any reference to LST 3512.

    If anyone has any info or suggestions that could help me fill in any blanks for the period from D Day to joining LST 3512 I would be very happy!

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  2. Tullybrone

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    Sorry I can’t help with your query.

    I just wanted to make you aware that I understand that Naval personnel were actually handed a ”statement of service” document at the time of discharge but I’m sure for many of them that the furthest thought in their mind was to put it in a safe place for posterity

    I’ve seen other forum members have been disappointed with the papers they have received as when they no longer have the “statement of service” form it is difficult to take matters further.

    I’m sure a member with an interest in RN will be able to assist.

    Good Luck

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  3. Hugh MacLean

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    Hi Tracy,
    That has got to be one of the most frustrating documents to receive - virtually no information. Get back in contact with the MOD and ask for a search of his Pay & Victualing Ledger.
    See if that takes you anywhere.
  4. Tracy Harris

    Tracy Harris Member

    He had even lost his medals, so no chance of him having kept his statement of service!
  5. Donny Anderson

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    This is an example of a pay and victual ledger, note it is a transcript of the actual record you will receive not a copy of the original 20191109_145234.jpg
  6. Tracy Harris

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    Thanks Donny, something like this would definitely help shed some light! T
  7. James Harvey

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    The mod are sending these records out first then approx 6 months later you will receive his P&V record with his medal card

    they used to send it all out in one go approx 8 months after application then they realised they were breaking the FOI rules

    now you receive the records upto 1942 within 4 weeks,

    the P&V records are a long process to put together hence the 6 months wait, it should have been explained in the covering letter

    hope this helps.
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  8. Tracy Harris

    Tracy Harris Member

    Thanks for that James!
  9. James Harvey

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    write to the modmo they will tell you what medals were issued and when

    ww2 medals were issued un-named so very easy to replace and far cheaper than buying copies

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