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    Father-in-law had this coat up in his loft, he's had it since he was 15, back in the 1950s.
    My youngest convinced him to part with it. We found an ancient sweet wrapper in the pocket.
    It's been washed but still has a few oil stains, most likely from one of Father-in-law's old motorbikes.
    The label is completely blank so cannot date it.
    Saw an unissued one on eBay for 400 quid.
    WWII Royal Navy Mk1 Duffle Coat Unissued, NOS, Redman Bros Size 3, Newey Snaps | eBay

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    I have a HUGE one in my loft. I must see if it has a lable.
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    Origin of the toggles on duffle coats - husband grew up in Hull, near the sea, and reckons that the toggle buttons were used because the wearer's fingers were too cold to deal with ordinary buttons.
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