Royal Marines/Special Boat Service Records: HMS Affray, 1951

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    Hello, I am currently doing some research on my GG Uncle Trevor J Andrews. I recently discovered through family that he died on board the HMS Affray in 1951. I am really struggling to find any service records or any information about him other than he was on the HMS Affray, he is listed as Sgt. T.J Andrews (SBS) R.M.
    Can anyone help by pointing me in the right direction on where I can go for further information.

    I have purchased the book about HMS Affray to find out more about what happened but I am stuck when it comes to my ancestor. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Hello Amanda,
    Under 25 yr rule, you should be able to obtain copy full service records via
    Request records of deceased service personnel
    Applications to MOD are taking some time to process. See

    You can use the certificate from Armed Forces RoH as proof of death.
    AFM Results Page
    Printable Certificate(Low-res - 520kb)
    Printable Certificate(Hi-res - 1.28MB)
    Surname ANDREWS
    Forenames/Initials Trevor John
    Rank Sgt
    Service Number CH/X 3263
    Service Royal Marines
    Ship/Unit HMS Affray
    Date of Birth 15 February 1925
    Age 26
    Date of Death 19 April 1951
    Included on Armed Forces Memorial Yes
    Included on Roll of Honour Yes

    Good luck with your research.
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    Wiki has a lengthy entry for the loss of HMS Affray, which also refers to the Royal Marine (SBS) detachment aboard: HMS Affray (P421) - Wikipedia

    A training mission that went wrong. Given the covert nature of the SBS work I am not surprised that there is little about him. Given the time lag very few alive will remember him either, assuming they would talk. A glimpse into their role is on: Special Boat Service - Wikipedia

    Given your relatives age I would expect him not to have served in WW2, that caveat aside it might be worth looking at the new book on the SBS published last month, in case it has clues, the cover indicates it is a 'wartime' unit history. See:
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    1925 ? He’d have been 18 in 1943
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    Amanda, your great great uncle Trevor and the others who died were remembered each year by SBS veterans who knew him including the late Tom ‘Bing’ Crosbie. Do you have a photo of your great great uncle ?

    Tom Crosbie on the Commemorative bench

    HMS Affray SBS HMS Affray (ROH) | ͏

    Sgt Trevor John Andrews RM ANDREWS, Trevor John | ͏

    The crew of HMS Affray The Crew of HMS Affray

    Alderney Press cutting HMS Affray Alderney Press cutting re loss of HMS Affray

    The Memorial Lighting candles in memory of the lost on HMS Affray

    70th anniversary memorial HMS Affray memorial held in Alderney on 70th anniversary of sinking
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