Royal Marines Armoured Support Regiment (2RMAS) Juno, D-Day

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    Hi. I'm new to this forum and just came across this reference t the church spire in Rots. My father, Capt Perrott mentioned earlier, was awarded an MC because his part in the destruction of the church spire in Rots. I am trying to piece together his movements leading up to the destruction of the tower and plan to visit Rots early in 2018. Unfortunately my father is now dead and never spoke about his time in the war so piecing together information is hard work.
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    Delighted to find this information - I now know which Troop my father (K R M Perrott) was in and the sector he landed. I have vague memories of a Q flag being used as a childhood toy. Now I know where it came from!
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    A pair of burnt out Canadian M4A2 Shermans of the 10th Armored Regiment (The Fort Garry Horse) at the foot of the church at Rots – June 1944
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    Forgive me if I've posted this before, but I transcribed a post-D Day report about the RMASG and put it on my blog, when I was updating that.


    The Royal Marines Armoured Support Group
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    Not just for his part in destroying the church spire, but for his whole conduct from landing to 12 June! See his Recommendation for Award (attached), which I just came across. Hopefully this will help you in your quest, perhaps by looking up the War Diary of the Nth NS Highrs and of 46 RM Commando (some of it in Drew's post here), as your father seems to have supported them (among others units) during these days.


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