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    Hi All,
    Looking for some help with a recent family contact to the Chindit Society. It pertains to a Royal Marine who was served in the Burma theatre in WW2 and is thought to have been a Chindit. The family have the old-type, one-page service record obtained back in July 1985, which as usual is scant on detail.

    My thoughts are that he would more likely have been sent over to 42 or 44 Commando RM and served with these units as part of the 3 Special Service Brigade in the Arakan, rather than end up as a Chindit.

    His service details are:

    Medals-1939-45 Star, Burma Star, Defence Medal and War Medal.

    Depot RM Lympstone from 28/05/1942 to 13/07/1942
    HBL RM from 14/07/1942 to 24/10/1943
    HBL RM Commando 25/10/1943 to 19/07/1945
    Highflyer 20/07/1945 to 19/10/1945
    Sanka 20/10/1945 to 24/10/1945
    Sanka (on passage) 25/10/1945 to 13/11/1945
    Chatham Division 14/11/1945 to 05/06/1946.

    I know that Lympstone was the RM Training Depot in Devon and that Highflyer was the Naval Base at Trincomalee in Ceylon, but if anyone can add some more, or has an opinion about his service, I would appreciate your input.

    Thanks as always.

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    Hi Steve,

    The Ceylon (Sri Lanka) connection suggests that RM Detachment 385 might also be a possibility. The detachment carried out a number of special operations on the Burmese and Malayan coasts between February and July 1945 and was involved in the reoccupation of Penang in August/September 1945.

    I have a booklet produced by the RM Historical Society which includes a nominal roll.

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    Thanks Steve, the nominal roll sounds interesting. PM sent.
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    Thanks again for your help Steve, much appreciated.
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    I agree, it's a tricky one Jason. Thanks for the link and info.
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    Intrigued by what the test was going to be dryan67. :)
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    I see. Thanks.

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