Royal Marine Certificate of service S-1241 or R-138

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    I have the certificate of service of my father in law SG Deadman CH/X 1872. All details are perfectly clear with one exception that although clear is causing a bit of a puzzle. He joined on a C.S. Engagement.
    The date of birth is correct as 11 June 1918 but after that is as follows (18-10-23). Same writing, same hand.
    We have no idea as to the relevance of this date. Any ideas?
    TIA Bern
  2. wibs12

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    Hard without seeing it in context..... if you can post a copy of the image of the document you're referring to I'm sure that'll help folk have a better chance of helping you.
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    This should help any experts! img043.jpg
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    It's his age on joining 18yrs 10months and 23days.

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    Of course, that's what it is. thanks so much.

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