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    I'm trying to find out more information on my grandfathers regiment. His Name was Ernest Henry Budd, possibly tenth foot Lincolnshire regiment? I have a certificate of service book with some small details but a lot of the pages are missing. We believe he went to Hong Kong, India and Burma and received the Burma star along with the 1939-45 star, The France and Germany star,The defence medal and another but I'm not sure what medal it is. I have a few letters he received In Jalapahar, 19th of June 1940.
    I Know this is very vague but I'm trying to find this out for my dad because he's always wanted to know more about his dads military background.

    I have more information but I didn't want to bog you down with everything so If anyone can help or point me in the direction of someone who does, I can dig through my stuff and try and find more relevant info, I also have his regiment photo which says AMIEN SQUAD oct 1932 on the back which I will attach to this post.

    many thanks

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    Thanks for the quick reply Steve and yes I have the AFB 108 red book with his army no/ service number so I will try and apply for his record.

    many thanks

  4. Drew5233

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    Hi Alex

    Do you know what battalion of the Lincs he was in? Forum member Rob (Ramacal) is pretty switched on to the Lincs stuff.
  5. Buteman

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    Hi Alex,

    If you can tell me his service number, I will check the nominal rolls. The nominal Rolls will only give basic info.

    1 Lincolns served in India, Burma in the period you mention. Although I have the war diaries, they were hand written in the worst writing I've seen. However, I do have a printed copy of the 1 Lincolns history, plus a copy of 10th Foot History.

    2 & 4 Lincolns served in North West Europe. A new book about 2 Lincolns has been recently been published and written Gary Weight of this Forum. One has also been published about 4 Lincolns called the the Saturday Night Soldiers by John Benson.

    "On 10th December 1946, His Majesty the King, in recognition of its services, was graciously pleased to authorize the Regiment to be known by the style and title of "The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment." This information was officially notified in Special Army Order No. 167 of 1946." Announced at 7pm on the BBC.

    You need to get the service for precise information.

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  6. Alex2323

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    Thanks for the reply rob, his number is 4800584 and any information would be amazing


  7. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    Hi Alex,

    He enlisted in the Lincolns circa 1934. Transferred to the Royal Engineers on 10 July 1944. Definitely apply for the service records and it could be interesting.

    The medal you could not think of was probably the War Medal.


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  8. Alex2323

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    Wow that is amazing! Thank you so much for looking rob I really appreciate all of your help, so should I apply through the link you sent me yesterday?

    Also do you think he would have been in the 1st lincs? And what sort of information does the 1st lincs history have?

    Thanks again

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    You need to look at the MOD link I sent you on Wednesday, download and complete the appropriate forms etc and post to MOD Glasgow with copy death certificate and £30 payment.

  10. Buteman

    Buteman 336/102 LAA Regiment (7 Lincolns), RA

    It's best to apply for the service records before continuing. Not safe to assume anything and could send you on the wrong path. It's happened to others leaving them disappointed. It only takes between 4 - 6 weeks after applying.
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  11. Alex2323

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    Thank you Steve! Appreciate all the help
  12. Alex2323

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    That’s great, thank you for all the information and the advice. I’ll report back if I get any more information

    Many thanks

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