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    Helo i am searching for more information about the royal kings Hussars 15 19th they have liberated my town Zonhoven Belgium.
    Is there some one that have documentation about it .Thank you
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    These books might be of interest to you.

    You could also obtain a copy if their War Diary.

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    Hi Kevinf, Not sure if you are still about but this might interest you.

    Frances highest honour The Legion du Honneur, has been bestowed on a Norfolk veteran four months after his death and more than 70 years after he was shot during WW2.

    It was in Zonhoven Belgium on Sept 10th 1944, that James wren and his comrades of the 15/19th Kings Royal Hussars were ambushed, a hand grenade was thrown into their tank killing most of the crew. Mr Wren and a colleague climbed out, but were then shot by a German, James who was 19 was badly wounded, but survived after life- saving surgery.

    James Wren was born in Barking in Essex and had lived in Norfolk for the last 20 yrs, he died in September 2015 aged 89.

    His widow Patricia accepted the medal on his behalf.
    She said "He was a very modest and he did not like to talk much about what happened out there, but I know he would have been very proud to receive this".
    The injuries he had received affected him for the rest of his life but he never complained and always had a smile on his face. He was my hero and I am proud to receive this medal in his name.
    Mrs Wren said that she believed James landed in France on D Day but was unsure about his involvement on the day.

    These may have been his crew members.
    Five members of the Royal Armoured Corp serving in the 15/19th Kings Royal Hussars also died that day and are buried in Hasselt (Kruisveld) Communal Cemetery.
    Joseph Simpson. Trooper 7962785 age 20. Skelton, Cumberland.
    Francis George Ainsle. Lieut 184238 age 29 Lieth, Edinburgh.
    Basil John Pearson. Lieut 302982 age 20 Bramcote, Nottingham.
    Frank Walker. Cpl 7906972 age 26 Uttoxeter, Staffordshire.
    Fredrick Johns. Trooper 7908536 age 28 Aberporth, Cardiganshire.
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    From the 15/19 King's Royal Hussars War Diary

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    Brilliant Drew, Thanks for posting.
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    No probs :)
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    The four missing believed killed in the war diary above.

    1422684 John Llewelyn Scudamore cpl age 20 Mommouthshire.
    114226495 Roderick Ronnie Munro Tpr age 21 Glasgow.
    408200 Alfred Earnest Robson Tpr age 27 Sunderland.
    321239 Christopher John Lawley Tpr age 23 Wolvehampton.

    Were all killed, it looks as if they had nearly achieved their objective of meeting up with the Americans, as they were buried in Fosse (Temporary) Cemetery American Military Cemetery Nr 1 of Belgium, 8 September 1944 - 12 July 1948.
    (2199 US and 1600 German burials) it was located near the Belgium village of FOSSE-LA-VILLE. The village Fosses-la-Ville can be found some 11 miles South west of the Belgium city of Namur.

    Then they were relocated to Leopoldsburg war Cemetrey, Leopoldsburg (also known as Bourg-Leopold) is located 58 Kms north-east of Leuven on the N73.

    Strange that they are all from different counties even the two Welsh men.
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    my name is kevin follong 33 years old from Zonhoven Belgium and i am trying to find more information of them can somebody help me i do a remembrance in 2019 september
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    Marriages Sep 1944
    ROBSON Alfred E Savage Sunderland 10a 1477
    SAVAGE Edna M Robson Sunderland 10a 1477

    no children


    6 Leechmere Road, Sunderland C.B., Durham
    John Robson - 03 Dec 1888 - Ship Plater - (H Worker)
    Agnes Robson - 19 Apr 1895 - Unpaid Domestic Duties
    John J W Robson - 29 Oct 1915 - Ship Plater - (H Worker)
    Doris Margaret Adamson (Robson) - 05 Jul 1909 - Paper Mill Sorter
    Joan Wright (Robson) - 08 Jul 1924 - Unpaid Domestic Duties
    Sorry, this record is officially closed.
    Ernest Graham - 20 Dec 1916 - General Labourer Unemployed
    John Black - 23 May 1867 - Paper Maker (Retired)
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    Marriages Jun 1918
    Lawley, James - Bellingham - Wolverhampton - 6b 996
    Bellingham, Ellen - Lawley - Wolverhampton - 6b 996

    Births Mar 1921
    Lawley, Christopher J - Bellingham - Wolverhampton - 6b 1107


    12 Elm Farm Road , Wolverhampton C.B., Staffordshire
    James Lawley - 09 Oct 1894 - Viewer
    Ellen Lawley - 26 Feb 1892 - House Wife
    William Lawley - 14 Dec 1918 - Fitter
    Ellen - Beddows (Lawley) - 03 Feb 1923 - Sorter
    Sorry, this record is officially closed.
    Douglas S Lawley - 11 Jul 1932 - At School
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    Marriages Dec 1922
    SCUDAMORE, John K S - Jones - Bedwellty - 11a 179
    Jones, Margaret C - Scudamore - Bedwelty - 11a 179

    Births Dec 1923
    Scudamore, John L - Jones - Bedwellty - 11a 259


    5 Arvonia Terrace, Bedwellty U.D., Monmouthshire, Wales
    Kenneth (John) Scudamore - 18 Dec 1896 - Engineer & Lorry Driver (Food Supply)
    Ceridwen Scudamore - 05 Dec 1895 - Housewife Unpaid Domestic Duties
    Sorry, this record is officially closed.
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    Married 1920, Rosskeen, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland

    Born 1923, Alness, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland

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