Royal Irish Fusiliers in WW2

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    Has anyone got any photographs of the Royal Irish Fusiliers in France when they were part of the BEF in 1939/40?
    Personal photos especially that I would not have come across. Group photos of men in the battalion before and after the war.

    The 1st battalion fought a famous rearguard battle against Rommels Panzer division at the Battle of La Bassee Canal.

    At Dunkirk beach, a large portion of the battalion found themselves caught out on the open beach for a day and night before being evacuated. This after a long retreat from Belgium.

    Also, any photographs of Major Brian Somerville.

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    I presume you have seen 'Say Not the Stuggle" - John Horsfall's account, but a few references to but no photos of Major Somerville... obviously the Faughs went to Tunisia and Italy and Austria from 1942 to 1945 - not many made it through all tthe way.

    and, of course, Guy Gough's account.
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    Two excellent accounts. Also read Major Somervilles War Diary (HQ Company) for the month of May 1940. The original was destroyed at Dunkirk but he wrote a new one upon his return to England.

    Probably not as detailed as the original had been, but a good account nonetheless to read alongside "Say Not the Struggle" and Gough's account.
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    Horsfall's trilogy is exemplary.. good luck.
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