Royal Horse Guards, circa 1879

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    I know this is not a WW2 question but perhaps someone can either answer my question or point me in the right direction.
    A friend is trying to trace an ancestors records.
    James Sinclair b.1860 in London and joined the Royal Horse guards circa 1879. Is there any military reason why he would have sworn his oath and had his medical in Edinburgh (as in,would they have sent him up there to do it) or if he would have moved up to Edinburgh and then decided to join.

    Any suggestions as to how to proceed? TIA
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    At that time most recruiting was done locally. Regiments had a depot in a regional town or city and recruiting was done from there. Recruits received their training there and typically remained with the same regiment (or one of its battalions in the case of infantry). The Household Cavalry were different but tended to recruit around London. They may well have had recruiting arrangements in Edinburgh. It would be unusual for someone living in London to travel to Edinburgh to enlist in a London based regiment.

    An interesting question.

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