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    Hope it is OK to resurrect an old thread here, but I am looking for any information on Edward William Williams who is my wife's grandfather and we believe served in the RGH in WW1 In the only photo we have he is wearing a 1903 pattern bandolier, an Imperial Yeomanry style uniform, leather walking out belt with "spoon" GS belt buckle and what appears to be an Australian type slouch hat. No regimental insignia is visible however. The photo may have been taken in Alexandria, Egypt?

    The Gloucester Journal dated 8th January 1915, published a complete roll, by Squadrons, of the soldiers of the 1st Gloucestershire Hussars that were on active service, with their regimental numbers. In the third column, under B Squadron, near the end of the first paragraph after the Officers names, is the entry – 1923 Saddler E.W.WILLIAMS

    I know that Williams is a common name, E. Williams is still not that unusual, but E.W.Williams? That is more uncommon, and he is in the 1st Gloucestershire Hussars and off to Gallipoli; also as a saddler he would have access to the fancy walking out belt (what we'd call Gucci kit these days), so could it be the same soldier?

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    UPDATE: I got on to the medal office and ponied up the $5 they wanted to download a copy of the record page. Here 'tis, and much to our dismay Saddler Willams' first name is EDWIN!

    This is not necessarily a deal breaker as my wife's grandparents were separated after WWI, memories fade and those who knew have long since passed on, however the name Edwin also crops up elsewhere in my wife's family (brother's middle name for one), but this does not make our task any easier!

    One thing that could be useful though is he has TWO army numbers, 1923 being "regimental" - and the other 235065 in this case "corps" which looks to me more like a regular army number and might be a line of inquiry to follow

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