Royal Engineers S.T.C wireless operators course Sept, 1943

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    BACK ROW:- Cpl J. Boston, Spr. F.Issacs, Spr. E.D Palmer, Spr. J Thompson, Spr. A Robbins, Dvr. J Lamb, Spr. R Pearson, Spr. K Higham, L/Cpl. E Cook, Spr A J Hallett,
    Spr J Scarth.
    3rd ROW:-
    Spr. W J Bateman, Dvr. D E Roberts, Spr. T H Kerbey, Spr P Raymond, Spr A R Wright, Spr. W Young, Cpl A G Hayes, Spr D Fawkes, Spr. T Spittle, L-Cpl. E A Snellgrove, Dvr G Sanyal, L-Cpl. B S Tudball.
    2nd ROW:- Spr. W Hinchliffe, Spr. G Burgess, Spr. H Schaller, Spr. W Nichols, Dvr. J Lund, Spr. E Meades, Dvr. K Tomlinson, L-Cpl. J Parkinson, L-Cpl. J Lewis, Spr. G Townsend, DVr. W Collins.
    1st ROW:- Dvr. A Knox, L.SGT G Mcphail, L-Cpl. H Connelly, L.SGT P Wood, Cpl. W E Kruger, L-CPL. B Stansfield, L-SGT L Peters, Dvr W Jones, L.SGT A Laskey,
    Spr. L W Lake.
    SITTING:- Sgt. J Walker, Cpl. T Goudie, L-Cpl H Rombach, L-Cpl. M J Mason, L-Cpl A W Glassborow, C.S.M W A Timbrell, Sgt V J J White , Cpl J Mcvennon, Cpl P Lewis, Cpl J E Jones.
    GROUND Spr. G W Smith, Spr. S G Collins Spr. D Cole, Sgm. S Biliingsley.

    I have posted this photo for a friend who is very proud of his fathers service. His father is Spr W A wright.
    I hope this is of interest to you

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