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    real long shot, but what RE units were involved in the mulberry harbours after D-Day. i was informed last night that my great uncle, Wilfred Viner, was involved in them 3-4 days after D-Day.

    does anyone know of any good books about the RE effort on them?

  2. Wilco Vermeer

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    Mulberry B: No 1 Port Construction and Repair Group (Arromanches) as far as I can trace back.
  3. idler

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    Components of the above were:

    969 Port Floating Equipment Company - piers & pierheads
    970 Port Floating Equipment Company - piers & pierheads
    930 Port Construction and Repair Company - clearing beach approaches and obstacles
    935 Port Construction and Repair Company - Phoenix crews

    From Hartcup's Code Name Mulberry. The book is a pretty detailed overview of the Mulberries but the efforts of the sappers are implied rather than stated.
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    thank you both. this gives me a start point at least!
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    There is a booklet published by GC Book Publishers, Wigtown Scotland DG8 9HL
    Titled "The Mulberry Harbour Project in Wigtownshire 1942 - 1944
    Written by A. T. Murchie and issued under the Local History Series No 4.
    ISBN 1-872350-70-4
    My copy is dated 1993

    It goes into detail about the actual construction and development of the Harbours along with other associated items.
    A number of Imperial War Museum Photos also included.

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