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    I'm currently trying to decipher my dad's record, and I'm having trouble making out what a lot of it says. From what I can gather, he was transferred from his training unit to 611 Field Squadron (I'm assuming that should actually be Field Company, but his record definitely has Sqn)

    That was in about January 1944. Then from there it states "Posted to 101 Rft Gp w.e.f. 3 Apr 44.

    What would Rft Gp stand for? And would this be a part of 611 Field Coy?

    There then follows a line I can't read as it's too faint. Then in the "Unit" column it has "No. 1 Weld Section R.E.". This rings a bell as I believe he worked on PLUTO at some point. Would this have involved some welding? Next to this unit it has "T.O.S. this unit at 31. RHU".


    It then has him embarking and then disembarking (I assume France as another part of his record has NWE which I guess is North West Europe) I don't see a date but another part of his record states he disembarked 10/8/44.

    He was there for just under a year.

    Basically - what am I looking at here? Where did he serve? What would he have done? Am I reading this right?

    There's also an issue about his medals but I'll post that another time.

    I'm totally in the dark as most of the acronyms might as well be in a different language as far as I'm concerned.

    If anyone can help I'd be incredibly grateful. I can also post some scans if anyone wantys to see any of this.
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    TOS I think is Taken on Strength.
    RHU is Regimental Holding Unit
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    Armoured Divisions had squadrons rather than companies.

    611 Fd Sqn formed part of 9th Armoured Division from November 1943 to July 1944.

    The Division was formed in UK in December 1940 and disbanded in UK in August 1944. It saw no overseas service. The insignia was a mask of a giant panda which I have seen described as a pun on "panzer"

    I am guessing but Rft Gp might be something such as "Reinforcement Group"

    It goes without saying that there was an enormous amount of welding on P.L.U.T.O. and to a phenomenally high standard. I recall reading the obituary to the civilian who developed the welding system quite recently.

    Are there any indications as to which unit he joined once he went to France (You are correct in assuming N.W. Europe).

    I would certainly be interested to see the full document.


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