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    Hi, my Father in law Sgt Dick Coombes served in Italy with Royal Engineers during the period of late 1944 and throughout 1945. He often referred to a place called " Poji or Pojji "(This was how he said the name), he was involved with Italian labor. My wife thinks this is a nickname of the town.
    Anybody out there any ideas please!!!
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    Hello Budgie,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Poggi or Poggio - very common place names. A poggio is a hill or hillock.

    Two spring immediately to mind - Poggibonsi (Tuscany) and Poggio Mirteto - (Lazio).

    Can you tell us anything else about his unit - for example, company and division - with that I might be able to find the route he took and narrow down the 'Poggi/Poggio name.

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    Hi Vitellino

    We don't know which unit he was with as he rarely spoke of his time in Italy, however the place name was Poggioreale which we see is close to Naples. This would make sense as he spoke of Naples frequently. We are in the process of requesting his army records which should help. He was also bomb disposal trained.

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    Looking forward to hearing what his service record tells you,

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    My father was in 291 Works Section, Italy 28/1/44 – 9/8/45. He was promoted Sgt in December 1944. He talked of time building a bridge across a river in the north (the River Po,I think). My mother always said that he had an affair while there! I have his Army records, but can't lay my hands on them at the moment. Do you have any information about 291 Works Section RE please?

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    Hello Roy,

    I don't , sorry. However, there will be a War Diary at the National Archives - have a look on their website under Discovery. Before you do, have you checked that there is nothing on the forum?


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