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    Did the RE WO II Mechanist Quartermaster Sergeant wear the crossed hammer and pincers below his badge of rank please??

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    Answer found from 2 impeccable sources - yes they did. No further action.

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    What were they?
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    Mechanist was an appointment related to the workshop trades such as plumber, pipe fitter, sheet metal worker, welder. See Royal Engineer Ranks

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    Scots Greys
    Khaki battledress, introduced in 1939 was universal for British troops. The warrant officers in this 1946 photo are wearing post-war battledress which has the rolled collars so that a shirt and tie could be worn with it. The high ranking NCOs had the privilege of wearing this style while the rank and file still had the blouse that fastened at the neck as can just be seen on the men standing behind them, although the collars have been left open. The WO2 nearest us is a Squadron Sergeant Major with a crown and wreath badge. In 1948 the badge for that rank was a crown. The other WO2 is a Mechanist Quartermaster Sergeant with his appointment badge of a crossed hammer and pincers, the ancient sign of a smith. This appointment disappeared in 1952, replaced by REME trained mechanics. They have the regimental sergeant's badge of the silver Eagle on a black backing. Their berets are black in line with the Royal Armoured Corps uniform.

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