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    This information is incredible - thank you to all those who have submitted information. I have a couple of other acronyms which I cannot work out on WW2 Royal Eng in Middle East, Army Form B103: "BMA AT (B) I" This refers to being on X (i) so possibly refers to needing medical assistance and "SOXYA & this come to UK". Thanks
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    Sorry auto correct changed the last query it should be 'So XYA & this Comd to UK' I think it refers to being ordered on python leave.
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    Can you please post the record with the abbreviations so we can see it in context.

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    Hi Lesley, attached one part of his record where in October to December 1942 he is posted from 1038 Port Operating R.E's in Middle East to XI [BMA A.T (B) I] Then goes to an unknown destination (which is mysterious!) and then remains on[BMA A.T (B) I].
    The final line refers to So XYA & this comd to UK. On another record he is ordered on python leave around this time as he has been in ME for almost 5 years. Thanks to trying to help decipher this.


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    Just found out there is a family rumour that he was in Greece and managed to escape. Also he was awarded the Italy Star campaign medal, but none of his service records have any information on this. Not sure if this helps?
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    Italy Stars were awarded to people who served in Greece.

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  7. Hi,
    I finally got a copy of my Dad's war record and would love it of some of you could translate it for me. Thankyou in advance. Fiona.

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    Fiona start a thread here with his name in the titla and form members will be able to assist Searching for Someone & Military Genealogy

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