Royal Eng, 6 MC Group, 21st Army - Ghent, Belgium 1944

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    Hello all,

    I had the pleasure to take my Mum, whose Dad served in Ghent, Belgium in 1944, to one of his possible unit postings there. He was enlisted aged 41 as a Railway Control NCO, Royal Engineers - which was his civvie trade ,as they needed them in Europe post D-Day!

    I'd love to find out much more, if possible, about 6 Movement Control Group, Royal Engineers in 21st Army Group and if they ventured outside of Ghent and the surrounding areas at all. My Grandad was there Christmas 1944 so would've been very aware of the proximity of the Ardennes Offensive that Dec

    Have uploaded an original photo of my Grandad (2nd from left), taken in 44, superimposed onto the one taken on my recent trip to Ghent Railway Station (St Pieters) where he was based, also a photo of what is possibly his Platoon in training circa 1941 - perhaps someone may recognise any relations or friends faces?

    Keep up the great work all, thank you


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    Hello TD! Thanks for the very kind steer and much appreciated, apologies if its been posted before as regards to MC Group and will endeavour to take a look...cheers pal
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    I guess its going to be more difficult to find diaries etc for them as they were not a mainstream regiment or group

    Good luck though

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    Yes very much so, I imagine too, cheers anyway Tricky!
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    I could only find this one which covers 2 months in 1940, where the rest are ..........................................

    ROYAL ENGINEERS: MOVEMENT CONTROL: 6 Movement Control Group (MC). | The National Archives
    Reference: WO 166/3479
    ROYAL ENGINEERS: MOVEMENT CONTROL: 6 Movement Control Group (MC).
    Date: 1940 Aug.-Sept.
    Held by: The National Archives, Kew

    The 2 members who may know TNA Kew better than just about anyone are Drew5233, and Psywar.Org, they may be able to help out better than I can, if you open up 'Members' along the top of the page then just type their username into the search box it provides more detail on them. They are not in any order of preference, I have used both and found them equal

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    Hi Tricky, thats brilliant and really helpful that yes...fantastic and will do, also going to post on the other link you sent in WW2Talk as the persons request and uploads in there looks very similar to my Grandads cheers again mate, very much appreciated

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    Hi Tricky and Richy,

    I have just come across your posts as I have been carrying out research on some other Soldiers who served with Movement Control as I am the Historical Secretary of the Movement Control Association, and it would be great to pass on some of the Info I have on No 6 Movement Control Group.

    I appreciate your posts are a few years old but it would be great if either or both of you could contact me,.

    Many Thanks


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