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  1. Jonesy123

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    Hi guys, I'm in need of some help.

    I'm researching the death of a craftsman who was with the R.E.M.E. and was attached to the Royal Armoured Corps.
    How can I find some records of his unit?
    I know that the only armoured unit in that area around that time was the 3rd county of London Yeomany Sharpshooters.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. idler

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    If it was a 'quiet day', there might be some mention of the incident in the war diary. It might also be worth checking if there are war diaries for the LADs (a few exist) and the Brigade Workshops.
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    Jonsey, Do you have an approx date for the incident? Even a year!
  4. Owen

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    Can you link to his CWGC entry ?
  5. Jonesy123

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    sorry for the delay....I think I already found a part of the answer on this forum :)
    I'm so happy because for 3 years now I'm searching for this soldier. I have several sources who told me a soldier was shot of his motorcycle when closing the Escaut Canal in Moll during the liberation of my hometown in september 1944 (they told me he was shot on september 13th). His body was buried after some days at that same spot. A little stone at that spot remembers this until today. But no one knew his name or unit.

    I'm 99% sure I found him and his name is Archer Walter service number 14352088 and records show he was killed on september 19th 1944. It seems he was attached to 53rd Recce because I found out he was on their Honour list.
    Can someone explain this?

    I think finding more information about Archer will be hard shell to crack...
  6. idler

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    Every unit had a REME LAD - Light Aid Detachment - to carry out basic repairs to vehicles and equipment. They were permanently attached to the unit so were usually considered as part of it.
  7. alan8376

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    I found the War Diary on the net. Note: 1x OR killed on 13th. No name! Could this be the REME Craftsman?

    Moved into GHEEL bridgehead and took over from the Sherwood Rangers. A Sqn in support of 46 Bde to the East of GHEEL, B Sqn in support of 227 Bde West of GHEEL and South of MOLL and C Sqn in support of 44 Bde to the North. B Sqn carried a company of infantry on their tanks and having deposited them in the area of the ESCAUT Canal North of MOLL, supported them in an attempt to cross. The bridge was found to be blown and there was heavy opposition from the far bank. The infantry dug in and at last light the tanks withdrew. A & C Sqns supported the infantry forward to the South bank of the canal against little opposition and withdrew at last light. Claims:- Some prisoners (number unknown) Casualties:- 1 officer wounded. 14/9/44 No contact with the enemy, spent the day in maintenance.

    Casualties:- 1 OR killed, 1 officer wounded (mine).
  8. idler

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    Have you seen the concentration report on his page of the CWGC site? It gives a grid reference for his original place of burial:

    South of canal - MOLL
    Sh25 & 35 169949

    Just click on the text in the documents section, the thumbnail isn't displaying on my PC for some reason.
  9. Jonesy123

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    This is the main reason I'm 99,9% sure he is the one...
  10. idler

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    Thought it might be...

    Well done!
  11. Jonesy123

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    Maybe I shoud close this thread...

    I was able to find more about him and a even picture! I also tracked down the relatives of this soldier.
    So now, when we hold the annual remembrance at his gravestone near the bridge, I can show his picture and tell his story..

    142 archerboek.jpg grafsteen.jpg

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