Royal Corps of Signals Kit bag, Delhi Cantonment, India.

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    Looking through my collection I decided to look into the background of the soldier who owned this kitbag. 14895691 S. Ovens, Royal Signals, 16th British Brigade GP. Signal Section. I was struck by the unit marking when I realised that the 16th British Infantry Brigade was involved in Operation Thursday, the second Chindit expedition. I appreciate that not all of the Signal Section would have been behind Japanese lines as obviously some signallers would have had to remain behind in India.

    The Kitbag gives an address of Delhi Cantonment and I would image that Signaller Ovens was based there at some point during his time in India and probably before leaving for the U.K.

    Any thoughts please?

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    Looking at the number I think he may have enlisted too late for Operation Thursday - I have a couple of paybooks with the mans number starting 14,88.. and they enlisted December 1944 so 14,89... should have been around then or slightly later although these things aren't always that clear cut.

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    I have seen a reference to 16 Bde operating as a Brigade Group in India 10/46.
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    perhaps expecting Stanley Ovens to be a Chindit was more in hope than expectation; thank you for clarifying the enlistment date.


    I was puzzled by the term,16 Brit Brig Gp on the kitbag as it didn't seem to correspond to the ORBAT of Operation Thursday. Thank you for clarifying.

    I am still very pleased with the kitbag which came from a house clearance. I particularly like the Delhi Cantonment connection. I visited the Red Fort in Delhi a few years ago and noticed that the British had built barrack blocks inside the walls. Not strictly in the Cantonment area of Delhi I know but interesting to see. I have some photographs somewhere.


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