Royal Corp Signals in India and South Africa

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    My Father in law embarked for overseas in 19.3.41 but we don't know where. Further down his records its states that he embarked for Egypt for undisclosed destination but it has India in brackets!! 13.11.41. It then follows with posted to 'B' Spec Wireless Group 13.5.42.

    We would like to know if anyone can give us info on the "spec wireless group" (he did also go into Burma).

    Also after the above it appears that he then left for the UK but disembarked in S.Africa (Cape Town we think) and went to an I.F.T.C. ( Imperial Forces Transit Camp) on the 14.12..42. He didn't embark for the Uk until 10.4.43. Why was he there for so long??? What were these Transit camps???

    Any help with any of the above would be gratefully appreciated.
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    Hi Merlin

    It would be best to scan and post the records for members to read in context the abbreviations etc you need deciphering


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