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    Does anyone know anything about the Royal Artillery 77Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment and its activities in Java around February to June 1943?
    My relative was listed as missing on February 1st 1943 and died in a prisoner of war camp in December 1943.
    Any information would be gratefully received.
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    Hello, Thank you so much. I am so very grateful.
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    if you shared your relatives name I am sure forum members would be able to assist further.

    have you applied for his service records

    Get a copy of military service records

    also a couple of forum members offer a copy service for war diaries from the National Archives at Kew for a reasonable rate
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    Thank you for this. His name was Thomas Alexander Griffiths.
    Another document I have refers to his capture on March 8 1942. This would tie up with information in the account you referred me to. His died from beri beri on 21 December 1943. He is buried in a CWGC cemetery in Jakarta.
    I presume from this that he was put into a POW camp near Jakarta and stayed there for the duration of his life and not moved anywhere.
  6. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron


    Lance Bombardier Thomas Alexander Griffiths...

    Service Number 1835036

    Died 20/12/1943

    Aged 33

    240 Bty., 77 H.A.A. Regt.
    Royal Artillery

    Son of David and Laura Novells Griffiths, of Roath Park, Cardiff.



    Location: Indonesia
    Number of casualties: 946

    Cemetery/memorial reference: 3. A. 13.
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    I can’t believe this. What a wonderful group of people on this site. Thank you so very much for all the help. The photo of Alex’ grave is wonderful and totally unexpected.
    Thank you
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    Sorry I'm a little bit pushed for time at the moment and perhaps another member can follow this up. L/Bdr Griffiths was captured Java 8/3/42. He was transferred from Batavia to Palembang in Java Party 19 in the ship 'France Maru' departing Batavia 5/11/43, probably to work on the Sumatra Railway. He was originally buried at Palembang and his remains then moved to Jakarta War Cemetery at the end of the war (see concentration report attached to CWGC entry). His Japanese Index Card is available on Find my Past.


    Edit: Date departing Batavia should read 7/11/43
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    Again another big thank you. How do you get this information so quickly? I am amazed. I will try to follow this up if I can.
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    Thomas Alexander Griffiths, his attestion was 1941. (first image)
    His casualty card (image 2)
    POW no 1451 (image 3)
    tag1.jpg tag2.jpg tag3.jpg
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    It’s truly humbling that you are all prepared to give up your time to help. My husband, who is named after Alexander, is so happy to receive all this information after knowing nothing.
    Many thanks
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    jap2.jpg Hello Moonduster,
    If you can still find it, I recommend this book which mentions 77th H.A.A regt.(ISBN no, is show)


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    This is fascinating thank you
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    Have found the book and another giving experiences on the Sumatra Railway.

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