Royal Artillery & 8th Army Photos - Help please with Grandads history

Discussion in 'Royal Artillery' started by ColtBrown, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Thanks Alan
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    The numbers given are those known to be issued to LAA Rgts in 2nd Army. Presumably, those same numbers would have been used for LAA Rgts in 8th Army although without an 8th Army allocation list we can not say which was issued to 31 LAA. There are also some numbers in 2nd Army's allocation to RA units that are not identified even by type so some of these could also be for LAA.

    Without any documentary or photographic evidence, the best you can do is just pick a number from the five listed.
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    Will do, thank you
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    I am also trying to find out information and photos about my Grandad who also served in the 8th Army Royal Artillery. 'Im wondering if your Grandad may have served the same time as my Grandad did and if so, maybe we can share information.

    My Grandads name is Robert Reginald Daniels. The only thing I know about him so far is;

    Rank - Lance Serjeant
    Service # 816968
    330Bty I don't know what this means
    100 Lt ????
    A.A Regt.
    Regiment -Royal Artillery
    Branch - Royal Artillery

    Buried in the Anzio War Cemetary Grave # 111 R7

    If anyone can help me find info or photos based on the above information, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    Hi Carin,

    Did you apply for your Grandads war records?
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    Jeeps were everywhere and in RA outside Burma, apart from exceptions like mountain and airborne regts everyone travelled in a vehicle.

    Subaltern is a 2nd Lieutenant or Lieutenant, the most junior commissioned ranks.

    Yes there would probably have been a RA red over blue tactical sign, but the number would be the 'code-number' for the regt's place in the Order of Battle, presumably for an LAA Regt in a AA Bde, there may well have been a brigade tactical symbol as well on another 'patch'.
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    Hi Carin

    Service # 816968

    330Bty I don't know what this means - 330 Battery

    100 Lt ???? A.A Regt.- 100 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment

    Here is a bit on the 100 LAA -
    Unfortunately it does not mention batteries.

    His service number indicates he joined the RA - Royal Artillery (Field, Coastal & Anti-Aircraft) 721001 - 1842000 and 11000001 - 11500000 (This is the range of numbers issued for RA use)

    Mentioned here -
    and -

    Getting his service records is a good start to answering some of your questions -

    Here is a picture of his grave -


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    Sorry to jump in so late on this but this information is amazing. My Grandad was in 31st LAA and this information is very similar to the little information he gave before he died. Although he said that he was in Tunisia for a short time.
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    This is very interesting as my Grandad was in 31st LAA. Does anyone know the route taken to get from the UK to sicily? I have his army records and it says that he left the UK on 13th June and landed in Sicily on 10th July, it doesn't mention stopping anywhere. I'm unsure if he would have gone through Gibraltar or around Africa and through the Suez Canal.

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