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  1. I have no experience of using TNA. Could you tell me how you are able to look through the war diaries without going to Kew?
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    Discovery | The National Archives

    It takes some getting used to and changing the details in the search criteria may be necessary - for example sometimes the word Company is only read as Company but also as Co, or Coy, so you may need to play around with your criteria - if thats not a rude suggestion :blush:


    For example open up the link above and type in Provost Unit,
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    War Diary of 66 Lines of Communications Provost. WO172/6315 January to December 1944. Can't see anything for 1945. Sadly before he was posted to them but might give an indication of his job.
  4. Hi Lionboxer
    Thank you for your help.
    When I typed in the ref number into NTA it says this record cannot be downloaded..... so is the only way to view would be to go to Kew?
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    Not many diaries have been digitised yet. You can go to Kew yourself or get someone to go and take photos. There is someone on here who provides this service but I can’t think who. Search the forum.
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