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  1. braggbloke

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    Hi All,
    I am researching my fathers war time exploits and wondered if anyone has any idea on a few threads that have gone cold.
    In 1943 from a posting at Tidworth Military Hospital, he was posted to SORS . Another entry for the same date states he was posted to RS Corsham but it is striked through, I know that Corsham was the secret CAD (Central Ammo Depot), could this have been his posting and what would SORS mean ?

    I have two, what I think are Embarkation codes :
    RCGHY which I think is Liverpool to Alexandria 13/08/43 and
    RHQQQ to Bombay 02/10/45.
    My question is can these codes be used to find more info on the sailing at Nat Archives for example or are they pretty useless now ?

    After a stay in Hospital in Italy, dad was posted to 6/GRTD for 2 months before returning to his unit (183 Field Ambulance), I understand this unit was General Reinforcements Training Depot. I have found out nothing about this unit, would it be like a transit camp or maybe convelesence ?

    On his spell in India, he was posted to CAS (m) Civil Affairs Service, would the (m) stand for Medical or Malaya do you think ? I thought he
    was in Burma but I have read that Burma was CAS (B).

    Still in India The abbreviations I am struggling on are :
    14 ICGS
    16 IM FTU (Field Transfusion Unit maybe ?)

    Then I want to find out more about No:1 British Transit Camp & Bangkok Transit Camp..

    Many Thanks
  2. Lotus7

    Lotus7 Well-Known Member

    Hi and welcome the the forum Brian, someone will be along to help, the guys on the forum have a wealth of knowledge, good luck with your research.

  3. braggbloke

    braggbloke Member

    Thanks Lotus7,

    I have only been working on it about a month and have found out so much already, it is frustrating hitting dead ends though.
    Fingers Crossed eh.
  4. Charpoy Chindit

    Charpoy Chindit Junior Member


    16 ICGS: COULD IT BE...

    Both of these last units served in Thailand, so that would fit with Bangkok Transit Camp.
    1 British Transit Camp was certainly in Malaya by 08/46.
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  5. Lotus7

    Lotus7 Well-Known Member

    Know that feeling well dead ends are frustrating, but with help and guidance from the forum guys you could get some answers.
    I'm a relative newbie, and learning about all aspects of ww2. Look forward to your posts.
  6. bamboo43

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    I had the same thought as Charpoy Chindit for 14 ICGS and that it might refer to a Casualty Clearing Station.

    The only acronym I could find that fits precisely was: Indian Coast Guard Station. This seems unlikely.
  7. braggbloke

    braggbloke Member

    16 INDIAN MALARIA FORWARD TREATMENT UNIT is a great find, thanks a lot guys, I have found some documents to check at Kew now for this and
    No 1 Transit Camp so things will be moving again now. Thanks Again.
  8. braggbloke

    braggbloke Member

    I have re-checked the records and with out doubt it is written as 14 ICGS, it could be a mistake by the Record Officer, it wouldn't be the first one.
    I did look into it being Indian Chief of General Staff, any thoughts ?
  9. Red Goblin

    Red Goblin Senior Member

    Hi & welcome Brian,

    I believe what you call "Embarkation codes" were more properly called 'draft codes' - a much-discussed topic on this forum you may care to read up c/o:
    * "draft code" - Google Search - 4 matches not including ...
    * Convoy routes to Mid and Far East - General - WW2 Talk

    From what I can remember of researching this - entirely possible though not c/o TNA or by the code - for an uncle of mine going straight to India I managed to pin down to 1 of 2 ships in convoy WS-19, you need to start with date & port info. Armed with that data, you can then search several online databases for matching convoys. 2 links I can recall being useful to me were ...
    * ConvoyWeb
    * WS Convoys in World War 2 - the 'Winston's Specials' (@ Royal Navy and Naval History.Net)
    ... with further reading (merely in alphabetical order) at:
    * The Allen Collection (re ships)
    * HyperWar: Merchant Shipping and the Demands of War (UK Civil Series) 1955 by C B A Behrens
    * Old Ship Picture Galleries
    * Royal Navy and Naval History.Net (for escort vessels and Admiralty 'war diaries' - e.g.)
    * TheShipsList: Passengers, Ships, Shipwrecks (for peacetime records of convoy ships)
    * Ships Nostalgia
    * Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (of course for ships & ports etc. if stuck)

    Bon voyage,
  10. braggbloke

    braggbloke Member

    The posting from hospital to 6/GRTD (General Reinforcements Training Depot) would it be a possibility that this posting was a holding unit as my Dad's unit had left Italy and moved to Palestine on training/rest. He joined them 2 months later, so would he have made the move in a group with an Officer to act as map reader ?

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