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    Can anybody help with information on fighting involving this corps in the early days of July 1944. I am following a very tenuous thread about one of its members who died on 12th July 1944 and was buried near Bayeux. The man in question was 14598282 TPR Thomas Dixon and I believe he was a member of tank crew
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  2. Mr Jinks

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    Cannot help with the requested info but heres the casualty list with 4 members of the Notts Yeo for that date.
    GBM_WO417_078_0174 notts yeo.jpg
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    Many thanks. The man I am looking for is on that list. Is it likely that the other three from the Notts Yeomanry who were killed on the same day were in the same tank? Sorry for my ignorance but my speciality is RAF.

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    Try 'The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry 1939 - 1945' Facebook group. If Karl doesn't know, no one will know.
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    Thank you!

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