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    Winged Dagger.

    I read this account of Roy Farran SAS operations many years ago and a couple of years bought a reprint.Still enjoyable to read especially the operations in France which I was able to trace Farran's route from Rennes to Eastern France through Burgundy.I was trying to remember where one his his men were buried,I think it was at Chatillon in Hauts Seine.Some years ago I intended to visit the grave while in the area but something cropped was when we were suddenly told of a ferry strike and had to make tracks for Calais on the Friday rather than Saturday which we had booked.

    All in all his unit spent a month behind enemy lines....I am old enough to remember when he was sent a letterbomb which killed his brother Rex as the late Tom Canning related
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    His account of the early part of the desert war in light tanks (the first part of Winged Dagger) was worth reading too.
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    A reflection on Roy Farran's SAS operations in Italy surfaces today as reported by the DT with a FAX sent by Farran to support Captain Mike Lees's involvement in SOE Operation Envelope.Lees was accused of not following orders to accept an order to cancel an attack against a German HQ on the Gothic Line.Subsequently Lees was vilified as being insubordinate,an assessment unknown to him, by the military authorities when he was recovering from wounds in hospital.

    Farran declared in the FAX, sent to Lees who had died the day previous to receipt in 1992 that it was he,Farran who chose to ignore the stand down signal as he had already commenced the operation.

    Fax clears name of Second World War hero denied honour
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    roy farran and paddy woudnt want to upset these two eh!
    proper warriors!!
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    Roy Farran's wounding in Crete came during the battle for Galatas. The following are 'then and nows' of where Farran's Vickers Mk VI tank was knocked out during the fighting. After the fighting was over one enterprising Cretan sourced their back gate from the Armour Plating of the tank. It's still there to his day. Such a shame Tom C is no longer with us to see these. I'm pretty sure I'd have received my usual DM missive from him! :)










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