Route of 143 Field Ambulance - May 1940

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    Attached is a hand drawn map of the route of 143 Field Ambulance in May 1940. It was drawn by Major Erric Richard Stanford. I believe that my grandfather was a driver for the Major and the 143rd Field Ambulance. Would this mean my grandfather was in the RASC or the RAMC? I believe my grandfather was in the RASC, but I have no idea what regiment etc.... how would i find this out? I'm trying to retrace his steps back in the UK once he was evacuated at Dunkirk with 143rd on 1st June 1940.

    Any ideas guys?

    Thank you.

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    Steven, welcome to the forum. The first step would be to obtain your grandfather’s device records, to do this the information is here: Requests for personal data and service records: a detailed guide. These will give you his regiment and service details.

    You could also post his name here, some members may have information they could share.

  3. Owen

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    Do you know his army number ?
    That would tell you which Corps he enlisted into.
    Army Number Block Allocations
    Royal Army Service Corps 1 - 294000 and 10660001 - 11000000
    Royal Army Medical Corps 7245001 - 7536000
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    I literally don't know much at all to be honest, all I know is he drove Major Stanford around and then I found the route map so assumed my grandfather travelled this route too. I have sent off for his service record so hopefully once I have his service number I will be able to find out more.

    Thanks so much for replying to me. :)

    I am committed to finding out his story and where he was during this truly terrible time.

    His name was Richard Lloyd Hughes - born 1915.
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    Ask Drew5233 if he has the unit war diary for that period.

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