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    In May this year I am travelling from Rotterdam to Ypres but travelling down the coast rather than motorway and wondered if anybody knew of any WW2 sites along the route posted below please? Looked on the tinterweb and can’t seem to find much at all. I will be visiting the CWGC scattered sites but thought there must be more around as well.
    image Google Maps
    TIA 08C1ABAC-7144-4798-AE35-C8510072E81F.jpeg
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    Try the Breskens Pocket, south bank of the Scheldt. Taken by the Canadians.
  3. Marco

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    Plenty to see, depending on how much you want to deviate from the route. On the map below, the number represents the individual items to see in that circle.

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  4. Gunner400

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    Thank you both it’s appreciated and looks like it’s gonna be a long trip lol
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    There is also a traces of war app. It shows you in real time what is around you. Very handy, because you can see (photo) if the item is worth a (small) detour for you.
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    The "For Freedom" Museum in Ramskapelle is well worth a visit.

    What's on
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    Sorry, no. Don't have the maps. If I come across anything I feel that may be of use before you go I'll pass it accordingly. Safe travels.

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