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    I have a question for all those watching the thread, from what I can make out the last letter Albert sent home while serving with the MEF 257 / 65th LA, Royal Artillery was dated the 30.09.1941, a letter Joyce his wife sent to him dated 1.12.1941 was returned on the 22.12.1941 and was stamped that the addressee was now a POW, from this we have deduced that Albert must have been taken prisoner between Oct 1st 1941 - Dec 22nd 1941
    At this time the battle in North Africa was ongoing so can anybody throw any light what the 257 / 65th LA R.A. were engaged in at this time that might suggest when he might have been captured ?
    Thank you for any help in this matter, it is of course much appreciated

    Best Wishes
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    Hello Piero,

    I found the thesis written by Alisha Tilbury which was very interesting, I noticed a reference to a place called called Sosasco in Italy, difficult to say wether it should have read Rosasco or Osasco they appear to be about 150km apart ! nevertheless a great insight into those difficult days, any luck with finding Lawrence J Reid ? no searches have come up for me yet!
    Best Wishes
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    Hi Sarita,

    He was reported missing 1st December 1941 - see third post on the thread by Tony56.

    He was likely involved in Operation Crusader - 8th Army advance to relieve Tobruk and advance further into Libya. His unit War Diary should give you a precise location. My father was captured at Antelat, Libya 22nd December 1941 during the same advance.

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    Hello Piero

    I came across the facebook page (link below)
    and came across the same photo of the rice girls that I had sent you ! photos attached
    I think the photos are identical but do have different crease marks, I find this absolutely incredible, what can you tell us about this book and what is said about this photo on what look likes page 48. Also is shown on another page is the event you have spoke of in September, We look forward to hearing your thoughts and findings,

    Many thanks again

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    Further to my previous post here is a copy and paste from Axis Forum which shows your father’s unit was part of 4th Indian Division during Operation Crusader.

    As I said this morning the unit War Diary ought to reveal what occurred on or about the day he was reported misssing.

    I’d hazard a guess that his battery was part of a “Jock Column”.

    Jock column - Wikipedia


    13th CORPS:

    Lieutenant-General A.R. Godwin-Austen
    Brigadier General Staff: Brigadier A.F. Harding

    Corps Troops
    64th Medium Regiment R.A. (2 batteries with 16 6" howitzers)
    67th Medium Regiment R.A. (2 batteries with 16 6" howitzers)
    One heavy anti-aircraft regiment plus one battery R.A.
    Three light anti-aircraft batteries R.A.

    4th Indian Division:

    Major-General F.W. Messervy

    Central India Horse (3 squadrons) (less carrier squadron)
    A Squadron 6th S.A. Armoured Car Regiment (M-H armoured cars)
    1st Field Regiment R.A. (2 batteries with 24 25-pdrs)
    25th Field Regiment R.A. (2 batteries with 24 25-pdrs)
    31st Field Regiment R.A. (2 batteries with 24 25-pdrs)
    68th Medium Regiment R.A. (2 batteries with 8 4.5" guns and 8 6" howitzers)
    57th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment R.A. (3 batteries with 40mm Bofors)
    65th Anti-Tank Regiment R.A. (3 batteries with 2-pdrs)
    257th Anti-Tank Battery R.A. (2-pdrs)

    2nd S.A. Anti-Tank Regiment (4 batteries with 2-pdrs and 75mm/18-pdrs)
    Bengal Sappers and Miners (4 companies)

    5th Indian Infantry Brigade: Brigadier D. Russell
    1st Bn, The Buffs (The Royal East Kent Regiment)
    3rd Bn, 1st Punjab Regiment
    4th Bn, 6th Rajputana Rifles

    7th Indian Infantry Brigade: Brigadier H.R. Briggs
    1st Bn, The Royal Sussex Regiment
    4th Bn, 16th Punjab Regiment
    4th Bn, 11th Sikh Regiment

    11th Indian Infantry Brigade: Brigadier A. Anderson
    2nd Bn, The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders
    2nd Bn, 5th Mahratta Light Infantry
    1st Bn, 6th Rajputana Rifles

    New Zealand Division (2nd N.Z.E.F.):

    Major-General B.C. Freyberg

    (according to their own Official History for Crusader (p. 526), "The correct designation was simply the New Zealand Division, changed in 1942 to 2nd N.Z. Division..."
    G.S.O. 1: Lieutenant-Colonel W. Gentry
    New Zealand Divisional Cavalry Regiment (3 squadrons with carriers and 28 Lt. Mk. VIB tanks)
    4th N.Z. Field Regiment (3 batteries with 24 25-pdrs)
    5th N.Z. Field Regiment (3 batteries with 24 25-pdrs)
    6th N.Z. Field Regiment (3 batteries with 24 25-pdrs)
    7th N.Z. Anti-Tank Regiment (4 batteries with 48 2-pdrs and 16 75mm/18-pdrs)
    14th N.Z. Anti-Aircraft Regiment (40mm Bofors)
    6th, 7th and 8th N.Z. Field and 5th N.Z. Field Park Companies
    27th N.Z. Machine-Gun Battalion (48 Vickers MMG)
    28th (Maori) Battalion

    4th New Zealand Infantry Brigade: Brigadier L.M. Inglis
    18th N.Z. Battalion
    19th N.Z. Battalion
    20th N.Z. Battalion

    5th New Zealand Infantry Brigade: Brigadier J. Hargest
    21st N.Z. Battalion
    22nd N.Z. Battalion
    23rd N.Z. Battalion

    6th New Zealand Infantry Brigade: Brigadier H.E. Barrowclough
    24th N.Z. Battalion
    25th N.Z. Battalion
    26th N.Z. Battalion

    1st Army Tank Brigade: Brigadier H.R.B. Watkins
    Headquarters (1 Cr. Mk. IVA and 2 Cr. Mk. VI Crusader tanks)
    8th Bn, The Royal Tank Regiment (3 squadrons with 52 Inf. Mk. III Valentine and 6 Inf. Mk. II Matilda CS tanks)
    42nd Bn, The Royal Tank Regiment (3 squadrons with 48 Inf. Mk. II Matilda and 7 Lt. Mk. VIC tanks)
    44th Bn, The Royal Tank Regiment (3 squadrons with 50 Inf. Mk. II Matilda and 7 Lt. Mk. VIC tanks)
    (the battalion tank numbers are cited by Brad Hunter in a post on this Forum)
    8th Field Regiment R.A. (2 batteries with 16 25-pdrs)
    Squadron Central India Horse
    One troop light anti-aircraft
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    Thanks Steve

    Interesting concept the (" Jock Column" )
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    Dear Sarita and all ,

    first of all apologies for my random appearances but despite I need to mediate my availability with work . Still stay reassured we are working on this topic . So let s have a quick recap . In general all POW we come across are related to the Tobruk siege but for the experts of the Forum would be great to substantiate the details related to your father .Now the booklet you mention is a promotional brochure of Rosasco probably for the 70s .I need to investigate the picture story , if you read the Midnight Esacpe story on our website there is a very similar case so I would not be surprised that a twin picture came to England and one staied here .

    So what is going on ? On Tuesday I will go to Rosasco to perform video interviews with eye witnesses . In the meanwhile we will be translating the diary part related to Rosasco (and yes Sosasco is just a typo ) . You should also be aware that we have a network of amateurs researchers and through them we found on two local bibliography some specific events which took place in Rosasco with priosoners . So we will bring also this to the surface as it will give more flavour to the story . So next week I ll try to lay down to first draft . One italian national newspaper has expressed interest to read the story and potential publish a summary . So let s try to bring it back to the surface !
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    Hello Piero

    I would like to send you a private message, how can I do that ?

    Thanks Sarita
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    Open up your personal profile and in there you can select 'Start a Conversation' within this select Piero's username , fill in a title and type your message, this conversation is then only between you 2 so passing emails address's are not subject to outsiders

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    Hi TD

    Thanks for your assistance,

    Rgds Derek
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    HI Sarita, have you located the site by Dennis Hill re campo 59 as yet?
    The Site

    best regards
    Katrina Kittel, Researcher POW Italy
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    Dear Sarita and all we did interviews in Rosasco and it turned pretty interesting as we found an eye witness who staied in touch witha prisoner and even visited him in the UK .I am currently travelling for work so cannot write much but I will be happy to share asap .
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    Superb work, Piero.

  14. Pierothegreat

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    IMG_7285.JPG A few interesting pictures
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    this serviceman was a prisoner as well and kept in touch with Rosasco as per the attached letter
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    IMG_7287.JPG IMG_7287.JPG

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    I am told the gentleman has passed away . But the eyewitness who kept in touch we interviwed.
  18. Pierothegreat

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    this italian gentleman got shot by Germans in defending two prisoners

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    It looks as though there are two possibilities for 'Remo' Myers - either a L/ Sgt. in PG 53 before being sent to Rosasco or was in an unnamed work camp (Possibly Rosasco). (WO 392/21)

    It also looks as though he was recaptured after the armistice and sent to either Stalag 7A or 317. (WO 392/1):

    L Sgt. R. Myers Italy.png
    WO 392 /21

    L Sgt. R. Myers Germany.png
    WO 392/1

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    Hello Katrina

    Many thanks for you advice, we have found the site and like all things related to this subject
    it was very interesting and kind of tangible as you can feel a connection through Alberts time there !
    Kind Regards Sarita

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