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  1. Sarita Porter

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    Hello again
    Excellent news to hear you have made contact, Best wishes to Professor Zucca
    I shall forward the information I have as soon as I can,
    Many thanks again and good luck with the research
  2. Sarita Porter

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    Hello again
    As promised the details we have, hopefully attached, the girl my dad spoke about was the top address, Delconte Rosita this particular address we could not find but it
    would seem the 2 below do , certainly on google maps ! hope this opens a few more doors , hope to hear from you soon
    Many Thanks Sarita

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  3. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran Patron


    Welcome aboard !

    Just out of interest, when I was called up on 1/10/42 my Primary Training Wing was Bury St.Edmunds

    Good luck with your research

  4. Pierothegreat

    Pierothegreat Active Member

    Thanks Sarita impressively beautiful picture of " Le Mondine" (italian name of rice girls) smiling and enthusiastic despite the long hours under the sun and with legs in the water! Having an address is a lot so I guess we are already ahead.Did you happen to get any imprisonment report from the National Archives in Kew?
  5. Sarita Porter

    Sarita Porter Member

    Hello Piero
    Glad you liked the photo, fantastic after all these years that we still have Alberts memories and quite fascinating that we have these addresses’s to work with, we have requested Alberts service records but have no imprisonment records , I shall have look on the internet any more info I find I shall pass on
    Thanks again Sarita
  6. Tricky Dicky

    Tricky Dicky Don'tre member


    I think Piero means "Liberation Questionnaires", each man returning was supposed to fill one in, but obviously they had more important things on their minds.
    However some did and they are kept at TNA, and there is a member here who has a web site that includes said questionnaaires - POW Liberation Questionnaires - - I would suggest you contact member PsyWar.Org
    - who runs that site and if there is a copy he will, for a small fee obtain it for you.

  7. Pierothegreat

    Pierothegreat Active Member

    Just a quick update.I contacted the municipality of Rosasco.The story of POWs in the area was not totally new to them despite they did not have any details ( at least the person I was in contact).Still as I explained to have been in touch with family members they promised support.I am shortly sending them the list of addresses and see where this leads to. Will keep you posted as soon as some relevant new will come up.
  8. Sarita Porter

    Sarita Porter Member

    Thank you again for your very kind efforts Pierot,
    We wait with great anticipation !
    Good luck and Best Wishes
  9. Sarita Porter

    Sarita Porter Member

    Thank you Ron,
    Very nice of you to join in the thread, we are hoping Pierot can unlock some more information, we wait in great anticipation!
    I have had a browse at your internet blog and have to say what a wonderful contribution you have made to ensuring the memories of these troubled times are well and truly kept alive, you have clearly created a very important archive which I’m sure will be of great Interest to people for a long time,
    As for me,my mum and dad married in Bury St Edmunds in 1945 ( Albert returned home very poorly after repatriation) and raised me and my older sister. Dad sadly passed away in 2001 and took with him many untold stories about his time as a POW in Italy and Germany .

    Best Wishes
  10. Ron Goldstein

    Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran Patron


    Glad you liked my blogs.

    I have to confess that I too am pleased that I was energetic enough in my younger days to have made the effort to post my images onto the internet,

    I still derive much pleasure from browsing through these early snaps, particularly those showing my late wife and my kids when they were very young.

    Best regards

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  11. Pierothegreat

    Pierothegreat Active Member

    Good news !
    I got a reply from the local police officer in Rosasco . The people you listed are all well known despite unfortunately all passed away . Still direct descendants are there . It also look that the Farm they were assigned is the Cascina Cortone in the center of the village and they were assigned to the family Natale which still seems to be runnning the same farm . More news is going to come as the old of the village are going to be interviewed . So just stay tuned but we are on the good road !
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  12. Sarita Porter

    Sarita Porter Member

    Wonderful news,
    This is very exciting, thank you again for your time in searching for this information, it really will be wonderful to visit Rosaco and walk in my father’s steps, we look forward to hearing from you soon with more news !

    Many Thanks Sarita
  13. tedfromscrubs

    tedfromscrubs Junior Member

    HI Sarita
    Have a great time in Rosasco! Since your dad spent some time in Campo 59 Servigliano you might like to know that there is a whole website deicated to it. The curator is Dennis Hill whose father was a PoW there. It should give you a good idea of what life was like at that camp. Camp 59 Survivors

    All the best

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  14. Sarita Porter

    Sarita Porter Member

    Hi Anne thank you, all this information has helped me so much, I owe so much to Rosasco as they took great care of my wonderful dad when he had escaped the pow camp
    Kind regards
  15. Sarita Porter

    Sarita Porter Member

    Happy 95th Birthday Ron
    Hope you have a great day

    Best Wishes
  16. Pierothegreat

    Pierothegreat Active Member

    Sarita ,

    we have really good news . We have now identified the farms where they were serving and also the farm they escaped to . In addition we have identified the farm where they escaped to after the 8th of September 1943 . In addition we have now some eyewitness who were children at the time . I am planning to interviewed them and pubblish the article in our website . Considering your trip I have suggested the local municipality to meet you and they were suggesting the 8th and the 9th of September as it looks there is a local fair so probably the village will be animated . Pls consider it despite I am aware you were planning late September . Now if you could recap in a memo the history of your father from your understanding and with document would be really helpful . The " Liberation Questionnaire " would also really be helpful , I believe you can ask in the National Archives if you do not know how I have a contact that can instruct you . Anyway I will try to upload some pictures during the weekend so you can see the farm , location etc .
  17. vitellino

    vitellino Senior Member

    Hello Sarita,

    I have been following this thread with great interest since I asked Piero to become involved. I am so glad that he has managed to find out all this information for you.

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  18. Pierothegreat

    Pierothegreat Active Member

    Thanks Vitellino , just fyi I have alerted Prof Zucca about the offer to translate the book in a joint effort . I think he will be just happy about it but he has not read the message yet as recovering . I will come back asap .
  19. Sarita Porter

    Sarita Porter Member

    Hello Piero

    Once again this is exciting news, unfortunately it will not be possible to come to Italy as suggested as Holiday from work has been planned , flights and Hotels booked ! so it will have to be late Sept as first indicated , a pity I know but holiday from work is difficult.
    The details we have are sketchy but I will piece together best I can and all being well send it on to you tomorrow, we will look forward to the photos you speak of, we hope very much that our visit 28th - 29th Sept will still be successful. Not to sure about the Liberation Questionnaire. Thank you once again for your efforts, be in touch tomorrow
    Best Wishes Sarita
  20. Sarita Porter

    Sarita Porter Member

    Hello Vitellino,
    Yes things seem to be going well on the research with many thanks to yourself, your guidance in the right direction is so much appreciated, keep watching !

    Rgds Sarita

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