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    One of the less favourite joys of using the internet is finding that carefully placed links to previous articles no longer work.

    With this in mind, I have just created this up-dated version of "A record of Ron's Interviews & Publications" and have removed all links that no longer work. It is my intention to edit this file on a weekly basis and I would also be grateful if any other broken links are drawn to my attention. I have also up-dated the Reference Number system to make it easier to "point" to a particular Ref No.

    Ever conscious of the fact that at the age of 97 I am living on borrowed time, I drew up this index so that my family would know where to look for various articles. It has since occurred to me that others might also find it of some interest.

    Simply because of my age and my WW2 background I have been interviewed on numerous occasions, both on camera and on sound.Be aware that some of the internet links given below may no longer which case try GOOGLE.

    Ref:1. The first interview was in 1970, the occasion being the 25th anniversary of the end of WW2. The program was London Tonight on ITV, the venue was the Imperial War museum where about four veterans were assembled and I was filmed in front of a Sherman tank talking about VE day 1945, as seen from a field in Venice. Duration 4 mtes 11 second.

    Ref: 2.
    On December 11th 1999 BBC Radio 4 broadcast “In These Arms”, the final episode of a four-part series examining family life over four centuries. This particular program featured the Goldsteins as representing an immigrant family between the two World Wars. To make the program, the BBC invited me to go ‘walkabout’ in the East End of London talking about my early roots and this formed part of a very interesting half an hour that included readings taken from the family book. See APPENDIX

    Ref 3:
    In March 2005 I was one of three people who were chosen to be as representative of the type of persons that the BBC were looking for to contribute to the then new BBC People’s War archives. The interview was carried out at my home. Together with Frank Mee and Joan Styan I made up the third member of an unlikely trio and the results were shown on BBC 4 for two consecutive weeks. Duration 6mtes 21 seconds.

    Ref 4 The BBC People's War Archives can be searched here:
    Scroll down to Stories contributed by Ron Goldstein and click on individual stories.
    BBC - WW2 People's War - Ron Goldstein's War

    Ref 5: In May 2005, on the 60th anniversary of the end of WW2 in Europe, I was interviewed by Stephen Sackur presenter of the Hard Talk program at the old White City site, together with Alan Mackowiak, a very unhappy Polish ex-paratrooper. Unfortunately for my self-esteem the program was never actually ‘aired’ as it clashed with the British General Elections !
    Duration 25 mtes. Hardtalk Interview "Ron Goldstein WW2 Veteran" | WW2Talk

    Ref 6:
    . In August 2010 I was interviewed by the elusive author of the excellent website Spitalfields Life (known under the pseudonym of The Gentle Author) and as a result, various articles appeared on his Blog concerning the Cambridge & Bethnal Green Boy’s Club including a personal Bio of my early life. The link for that is: In March 2012 a book was published containing many articles from the Blog and my own particular story was included

    Ref 7:. In August 2011 I was interviewed, at home again, for the Yesterday Channel by Charlotte Smith of Epiphany-Productions for a TV program that was scheduled to be broadcast in September on the Yesterday Channel. Entitled "After the War was Won" it told the story of what it felt to be a serviceman returning home and Brian Guy (Sapper) had a leading role in the program. I have to admit that this was the most frustrating of all my interviews. At a very conservative estimate the filming took at least two hours. When the film was eventually released I think I saw myself for not quite two minutes !
    Duration 35 mtes.

    Ref 8: Most of the photos that I have placed in the Public Domain since WW2 were previously located in my Army Album, created whilst I was stationed at Trieste in 1945/1946 and the album itself was finally presented to the Imperial War Museum in Feb 2009 where hopefully it will be of some value to future WW2 researchers.
    Private Papers of R Goldstein (Documents.20177)
    I wrote about the handover on, where I am an active member, and Nita snapped me handing the album over to the museum.Ron Goldstein's Actual Army Album

    Ref 9: As part of my usual "belt & braces" philosophy I listed on WW2talk all the articles that I posted on the BBC People's War archives: BBC - WW2 People's War - Ron Goldstein's War
    I also created a Blog to duplicate all the postings I made on the BBC site:
    Ron Goldstein's Army Album

    Ref 10:
    Many of the photos that were pasted into my Army Album have been uploaded onto the Photo Galleries on the site under my name and these can be freely used providing that the original source is quoted.

    To bring this index up to date
    Ref 11: Wed 8/4/15 TV Interview by Leonardo Clausi on behalf of RAI, Italian TV. Took place at a nearby pub and was broadcast in Italy on April 25th. Duration 2 mtes 40 seconds.

    Ref 12: Wed 15/4/15 TV interview by Neil Baldock for the BBC.
    Broadcast on May 10th as part of their coverage of the 70th anniversary of the VE Day celebrations. My portion was at 25 mtes 32 seconds from beginning of program. Duration 4 mtes.

    Ref 13 Quite apart from my membership on I am also a member on it's "sister site" namely WWII Forums which caters mainly for US citizens.

    Ref 14: I was recently interviewed for a film that is due to be shown on YOUTUBE some time in the future relating to the book "All my Brothers" (which in turn is a superb book about the Irish Brigade) . My tenuous connection with the Irish Brigade is that in the closing stages of the war in Italy, my unit's Kangaroos carried their infantry into action. Just in order that I have a link to the YOUTUBE version, I attach it here, Be aware that this is strictly work in progress.

    Ref 14a
    The interview referred to above can now be seen on YOUTUBE at: . At the moment it lasts 55 minutes and I am deeply indebted to the O'Sullivan boys for their efforts in producing it.
    Ref 15: Finally, most of my wartime photos are now in the Public Domain and can be found by going to GOOGLE IMAGES and keying in:
    "Ron Goldstein" bbc ww2

    Please note that any reproduction of images must include text giving the source of the document from which the image was obtained.

    Ref 16: Back in the 1988, my eldest sister, Esther, thought it would be a good idea to compile a family book with all the surviving siblings contributing their own story about the early life of the Goldstein family. The book was entitled “And Then There Were Eleven”, which referred to the eleven siblings in our family. The original book was published privately in 1988 in A4 Ring Binder format, strictly for use by the Goldstein family, and "sold out" immediately.

    As a result of various other parties also reading the book it was considered to be of modern historical interest and it sparked off various offshoots as detailed below.

    Ref 17a : In 1990 it was ‘read’ on to Audio Tape for the Jewish Care’s Tapes for the Blind and became one of its listed popular Talking Books. The book was then lodged, by request, in the Bishopsgate Reference Library and the Steinberg Centre, thus making it accessible to researchers.

    Ref 17b: It was also used in 1993-4 by the Museum of London for its Peopling of London Exhibition at the Barbican; in 1996 by the Commission for Social Equality for its ‘Roots of the Future Exhibition’ and in 1996 by Central Foundation Girls School to record 20th century life for posterity in a time capsule sunk in the foundations of its new building in Bow. Finally copies of the book were loaded onto a CD and made available to family members. In addition an updated version of the family book which included the later generations was produced and this is on the same CD as the original family book.
    The book can be read on Ron's KINDLE

    Ref 17c : APPENDIX "B"
    On December 11th 1999 BBC Radio 4 broadcast “In These Arms”, the final episode of a four-part series examining family life over four centuries. This particular program featured the Goldsteins as representing an immigrant family between the two World Wars. To make the program, the BBC invited me to go ‘walkabout’ in the East End of London talking about my early roots and this formed part of a very interesting half an hour that included readings taken from the family book. A copy is held in .wav format titled "Goldsteins of Boreham St" and is 294 Mb in size.

    Ref 18: To read all of Ron's entries on the BBC People's War use the following link
    BBC - WW2 People's War - Ron Goldstein's War
    or (in GOOGLE) : Ron Goldstein

    In addition I have, in my time, created a few Blogs that cover my wartime activitues and they can be accessed here. Blogger: User Profile: Ron Goldstein
    The Blog entitled "Ron' s Army Album" reproduces all the stories I posted on the BBC People's War archives.

    In addition to the coverage shown above, the family have also been written about in various books and websites as detailed below:

    Ref 19: The Peopling of London, Edited by Nick Merriman (Contains the photo of Dad’s factory in Gt. Eastern Street).

    Ref 20: The Day War Ended, Voices and Memories from 1945, Published by Weidenfield and Nicholson. (Contains Ron’s photo and story about VE Day as seen from a field near Venice)

    Ref 21: Victory in Europe, D-Day to the fall of Berlin, by Karen Farrington, this contains a story about Sgt.Jack Goldstein and his final flight over Nuremberg. This book also includes Ron’s story of a British POW camp in Austria.

    Ref 22: I have managed to collect a few "then & now" pictures and have shown them here on Peter Ghiringhelli's excellent WW2 Blog:
    WW2 - The Second World War: Returning to old haunts

    Ref 23: In 2010 as a result of much correspondence I found myself on the website of the proposed Museum of the Jewish Soldier in WW2 and they published my complete diary plus a few photos. רון גולדשטיין
    Click on the Union Jack for the the English language version

    Ref 24: I have posted numerous articles on an Italian website based in Trieste after finding my name quoted on GOOGLE
    A Trieste • Leggi argomento - A British soldier remembers Trieste in 1946
    The Heroes Return scheme run by the Camelot Lottery Fund paid for both a trip to Cassino which I described,

    Ref 25: Here:
    BBC - WW2 People's War - Return to Cassino
    and also a few years later, a trip to Sicily:

    Ref 26: As part of the research I did on the loss of my brother Jack, the story of his last flight can be found on The link is here:
    The last flight of Lancaster RF154 (AS-B)

    Ref 27: Jack's son, my nephew Michael, writing under the nom-de- plume. mg1939, has written movingly about his father on the BBC site:BBC - WW2 People's War - The night my father was killed in action
    Entitled "The night my father was killed"

    Ref 28
    : In July 2014 whilst Googling on the internet I found an Italian site that had translated my poem on Adrano into Italian:

    Ref 29:
    For quick access to my WW2 photos use this link:
    Alternatively, go to and choose the GALLERY option. Scroll down until you find the galleries under the Members Galleries and then look for those under the name of Ron Goldstein. Any of the individual photos can then be downloaded. Alternatively, individual links to the galleries follow below.

    Ref 30: Whilst browsing through some old threads on I found this one on "Fear".
    On posting No.4 I tried to cover the subject and I believe I managed to do it justice.

    Ref 31a Completely out of the blue I have just received an e-mail from someone that has drastically revived my interest in Jack Nisenthall. who was a member of my old boy's club. Jack is oft described as the "VC that never was" and is a Canadian WW2 hero having retired there postwar.. I give here the link to Amazon Kindle because the book about him entitled "Green Beach" by James Leasor is now available on Kindle andI i have just purchased it:
    Ref 31b There is also news about a possible film about him here:
    Film Option Signed for James Leasor’s ‘Green Beach’
    Ref 31c And an earlier story here:
    The Dieppe Raid's Success Within the Failure: The Nissenthall Mission | Defense Media Network
    Ref 31d And the original posting on the BBC People's War site at
    BBC - WW2 People's War - Jack Nissenthall - The VC Hero Who Never Was (Part 1a)
    Ref 31e Finally, the recent write-up on YOUTUBE concerning the film

    Ref 31f In 2020, the year of the dreadful Covid 19 virus, I was approached by a noted Canadian teacher, Scott Masters, who asked if I was prepared to be interviewed about my wartime experiences. the final result can be viewed here:
    Goldstein, Ronald – CRESTWOOD
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    One of the worries of the internet for longterm use. All that good work could be lost.

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