Romney huts?

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    Sorry to be a bit coy as these pics come from a photo I purchased of Archer training in the postwar period - I think '45-50 - and I want to save the photo for my book. The vehicle is parked in front of (apparently) a row of these which are evidently large enough to serve as garages.

    Am I right in thinking these are Romney huts? It looks to me like these have no floor per se - nothing raised, anyway.

    Thanks in advance!!

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  2. Tricky Dicky

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    Iris hut - Wikipedia
    The Iris hut is a prefabricated steel structure used by the British military predominantly during the early part of the Second World War. They served as barracks, workshops, and storage facilities in World War II Great Britain.

    Romney hut - Wikipedia
    The Romney hut is a prefabricated steel structure used by the British military,
    developed during World War II to supersede the Iris hut.

    I suppose it could be either as the Iris was the Mk1 and Romney was the Mk2 - so to speak


    You might need to find some full technical details as I suspect the main doors or openings for them would dictate which ones they were.
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    The Royal Engineers still had them in the 1970s, my troop built one in BAOR, only the frame was suitable, therefore the corrugated iron sheets were purchased locally and this caused a headache fitting metric sizes to an imperial frame work!
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    Huh, according to the Iris hut article, there were some in the caves under Gibraltar. I'd love to see a picture of those.

    I confess that I don't think I am invested enough in the subject to try to find the full technical details :-/

    Searching for Romney hut did turn up quite a few photographs of existing huts

    MoD Bicester
    Old concreted road on the Brome... (C) Evelyn Simak

    And interestingly, an archaeological report on Graven Hill, Bichester which has a quite a bit of historical detail:
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    There was another breed of hut often built by the Royal Engineers.
    The Twynam Hut.
    Last one I recall being erected was at RAF Leeming in about 1990 for the use of the REME Fitter for 234 Fd Sqn Const RE.
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    Ignore me - a Semi-Romney is structurally distinct from a Romney proper...
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