Rommel, Montgomery, or Patton

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    Now I'm very much pro-Monty, but to suggest he didn't have one of the most substantial egos of the entire war, and afterwards, is avoiding a simple fact. Read any of his own books for a solid overview of just how ego-centric the great man was.

    As a certain WS Churchill (no mean ego himself) said of Montgomery:
    "in defeat indomitable; in victory unbearable." ;)

    I believe (far from controversially), it's this substantial ego that contributed more to Monty's 'mixed' reputation than any military factor.

    As for Patton's ego; more so... but in a similar mould.

  2. 4th wilts

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    would any soldiers at the time think monty had a large ego.yours,lee.
  3. Gerard

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    I think that Monty was a fine general as was Patton and Rommel but the myths and legends that surround the legacies of these men far outweigh their actual abilities. That is not to dismiss any of them, but just go onto any WW2 forums and read people's responses to any critical analysis of the 3 of them. Its unreal how people will accept no "criticism" of any of these 3 and also Zhukov would be in this group too. Maybe its because I'm not from a country whose army one of these commanded but it can be very frustrating to have a discussion about any of these.
  4. 4th wilts

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    i would agree with gott,marshal koniev iis often given no credit or even suggeested.but the origional question is what it is,and my remarks about the 3 generals in question still remain.if monty did have an ego,did he not deserve it.yours,lee.
  5. Gerard

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    Regarding Monty I would say that he did deserve the title of an egotist, however whatever criticisms can be laid at his door no-one can criticise his talent as a Commander. Its interesting to note that in the article "Field Marshal Montgomery, 21st Century Leadership in the Industrial Era", Major Kitchen (the author) states that "none of his biographers ever refer to him as a "faultless commander", but even his most strident critics are forced to admit his strengths in Planning, Courage, professionalism and sheer enrgy in Command"

    The article can be found here:
  6. 4th wilts

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    it says on the front that monty was fearful that patton might reeach berlin first,this shows already that the authour seems somewhat anti does the authour know ow he felt,unless he was told by monty himself.
  7. Gerard

    Gerard Seelow/Prora

    This is exactly the response I am talking about when talking about Monty, Patton or Rommel. If anything is stated that seems to be negative then the writer is branded "anti-Monty". The article is a PRAISE of Field Marshal Montgomery, the author even states " In 1939 he was probably the most qualified officer to take to the battlefield". Now how is that "anti-monty"???
    You have of course noted that he cites Monty's Memoirs as a reference Lee so he might not have had to ask him.

    you're obviously trying to wind me up if you think that the article in question is "somewhat Anti-monty"
  8. 4th wilts

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    was monty frightful of patton reaching berlin first,i have read several biogr never mind,no wind up intendedsorry.yours,lee.
  9. Christos

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    There are a host of different Generals that got the most out of what they were given, and came through with the goods....are we limiting this to just Land commanders? The U.S. Air Services of WW2 produced the best commanders of the war, (George Kenny, Curtis LeMay).....and what about BRIAN HORROCKS.....MILES DEMPSEY.......KURT STUDENT......FRITZ BAYERLEIN...General DOUGLAS MACARTHUR....
  10. Gerard

    Gerard Seelow/Prora

  11. 4th wilts

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    like i said,i reckon patton was a great cavalry general,and rommel was a good tactician,but i think he would have been a far better panzer corps,rather than army general.imho.yours 4th wilts.p.s roy geiger was a super leader of men.

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