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  1. Tom Canning

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    It was 71 years to-day that I was in my Churchill Tank at a place called Agnani about 20 miles SE of Roma - wondering if the

    Americans would really shoot at us if we tried to enter the Eternal City - they didn't and so after handing over to the 6th South African

    Armoured Division - we went off for a rest in the Alban Hills - entering Rome a few days later to assist at Mass in St Peter's…. a

    fantastic day meeting Pope Pius Xii….(see "an Audience with the Pope " -below in BBC series )

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    I hope you enjoyed your few days' rest Tom. Did you really think that the Yanks would shoot you?

  3. Tony56

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    Tom, my father's mementos from his Audience, perhaps even the same day:

    Pope 1944.jpg
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  4. Tom Canning

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    The American said they would shoot anyone who entered Rome without their permission - they were serious and were sorted out by Alexander as they

    had missed their chance at Naples when the British X corps captured the City- and they blew it again at Florence….

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