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    I just joined today. I am also looking for my late Father-in-Law's records and any information on his progress through war-time and peace time. He joined Royal Ulster Rifles Regiment in 1944 and left to join 1st Battalion Paras in '48. I have sent for his army records as, although I know what regiments he was in, I don't have a full record of the battalions. Until I get the records, I'm concentrating on finding anything I can about any soldier's time in the Royal Ulster Rifles. He enlisted in Belfast. If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful. His name was Robert Kavanagh
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    Hi Coralie

    Welcome to the Forum. I can't see any record of an "R Kavanagh" for the Ulster Rifles under one website, however, there is an entry for "R Cavanagh" with a C relating to 1st Battalion service in 1949 - see below.

    During the Second World War there were several Ulster Rifles Battalions (see Royal Ulster Rifles - Wikipedia ) but the main two were:
    • 1st Battalion - which was converted in to an Airborne Battalion and landed by glider on DDay as part of the 6th Airborne Division
    • 2nd Battalion - which was an Infantry Battalion and landed on Sword Beach on DDay as part of the 3rd British Infantry Division
    After the war, the 1st Battalion remained part of 6th Airborne Division, and served in Palestine, until January 1947, when it lost its airborne role.

    It was not uncommon for members to switch between the two Battalions (especially at the end of the War when many 2nd Battalion Members joined the 1st Battalion) and his service records will provide a better picture of his movements but in the meantime you can find more details about the two Battalions during the War as below:
    There is also a book "The Royal Ulster Rifles" by Charles Graves Volume III which covers a lot of the background history and/or "The Rifles Are There" by David Orr.

    May or not be relevant, but there was mention of a "Sergeant Kavanagh" of 11 Platoon, B Company in the second attack on Cambes Wood by 2 RUR - see 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles in WW2: 9th June - The taking of Cambes Wood on 9th June 1944 which was the Battalions largest and most costly battle of the war..... and if this was him, then there is a reasonable chance he will be in the photo below of 2 RUR NCOs taken in March 1944 - see 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles in WW2: 2 RUR Gallery

    I hope some of this helps and is of interest.

    Best regards.

    Quis Separabit

    NCOs of 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles - Hawick - March 1944

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    Interestingly (or not), the LIR have got the same photo of 2 RUR, and it's labelled "May '44" - and it is the date noted in original hand writing when sent to them (In April, 2 R.U.R. moved to Droxford near Portsmouth). the photo, there is a Sgt Kavanagh who is 7th from the left in the back row.
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    Quite possibly is the simple answer!!

    This particular photo was taken from the 2RUR November 1944 Journal which doesn't show a date but which was believed to have been taken, alongside a series of others at 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles in WW2: 2 RUR Gallery on either the 8th March 1944 in Hawick when Montgomery visited or 19th May 1944 when Montgomery visited 2RUR again at Droxford (along with a series of other IWM images that day).

    It would appear that individual Platoon photos (and/or Company photos) were taken in Hawick in the early part of the year as at least one of them is marked as having been taken by "J.E.D. Murray of Hawick" and in two of them the Platoon officer is wearing gloves.

    On the basis that you have a dated phot of May 1944 I think it is fair to assume that the Officers and NCOs photos were taken on the 19th May so will update accordingly (and remove dates for others).

    If you have any further names that can be added to the Gallery page on the website and/or better quality images then I would be more than happy to add them.

    Quis Separabit

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