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    I wish to contact Marbrien who was researching in 2011 the death of my Uncle Robert Harris in Persia . Did he ever write his article ?
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    original poster Marbrien has not been on the forum since April 2011

    I am undertaking family history research into SOE agent D/N14, Robert Christopher Skipworth Harris, killed in Iran on 3 August 1942. I have seen the contents of his personnel file at The National Archives. The file mentions other operatives in Iran at the time as being D/H5, D/N4, D/N7. Could anyone help me please as to how to ascertain the real names of these other agents? Thanks in advance.
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    I have sent a message on your behalf with the query.
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    D/H 5 = W R Young
    D/N4 = E M Sykes
    D/N7= H B Sinclair
    H B Sinclair is the only one with a surviving P/F HS9/1365/3
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    I have emailed them about your request to make contact.
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