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Discussion in 'Commandos & Royal Marines' started by Vic Lewis, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. Vic Lewis

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    Does the Canadian JUNO beach museum have records or any information on the three Royal Navy Commando units ie; L, P and S who landed with the Canadian assualt forces on Juno beach 6th June 1944. RN Commando stayed on the beaches about
    6 weeks. My late father in law Able Seaman Charles Wing returned to England with "L" Commando in early August to begin training for the next landings which turned out to be Walcharen, 1st November 1944.
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    Vic , I've moved your post to the new 'Commandos' sub-forum .
    Should attract more attention now.

    Why not contact them & ask ?
    Juno Beach Centre - Contact Us
  3. Jonathan Ball

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    What kind of information do you seek, Vic?

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