Rijkevorsel 1944 - is this a British soldier? Help required.

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    Dear all,

    This picture (below) was posted last month by Ramacal in the extremely informative 'Black British soldiers' thread.


    There was considerable discussion about the origins - unit rather than nationality - of the soldier and some possibility of his being a gunner from 55 A/T Regiment. I e-mailed the Rijkevorsel Town Hall before Ramacal contacted me to tell me the Belgian authorities didn't know who the picture was of, or who had taken it. However, as I was preparing a seminar about the photograph to present at work next Friday , I received an e-mail which I reproduce below in full:

    [SIZE=12pt]"Dear sir,[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12pt]I don’t know if somebody has already send a photograph of that black soldier to your adress.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12pt]You can find an other included.It ‘s probely a canadian soldier.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12pt]Paul bemindt[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=12pt]secretaris Heemkundige Kring van Rijkevorsel[/SIZE]"

    Now that's very kind of Mr. Bemindt, but it throws a little confusion my way as I'm touting this round as a picture of a Black British soldier. I know Canadians made gun tractors (indeed this Quad could be a CMP made version?) and used 17 pounders, but I have no idea whether they were in that area in September. To my knowledge - mainly from the forum and Delaforce's book about the Polar Bears, the 1/4th KOYLI took the town and the 55 A/T Regiment arrived later as part of 'BobForce' to hold the line.

    Any help forum members could give would be most gratefully received, as ever.


    Black soldier Rijkevorsel 1944.jpg
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    Hi guys

    The Quad in that picture is indeed a Canadian built CMP quad (Morris Quads, the only ones in UK use by 1944, had round rear wheel arches) and, as has been noted, it is towing a 17 pounder. However, British forces also used CMP vehicles, so you cannot really tell whether this guy is Canadian or British. Both armies used the same clothing, weapons and vehicles - with some exceptions and minor variations.

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  3. Buteman

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    Hi Brian,

    It was Paul Bemindt who kindly showed me around the archives and the Canadian angle did not pop up in the conversation.

    Having looked through the information I have, I can tell you that the 27 Armoured Regt (Sherbrooke Fusiliers) of the 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade helped the 49th Division to consolidate the bridgehead when it was created.



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