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    does anyone know where[ RHU 43] in 1945 was ?and[ RHU 52] in 1946 was,? many thanks B/B
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    I think this should be Reinforcement Holding Unit, these were the successor to the Reinforcement Camps. My father was RSM in no2 Forward Area Reinforcement Holding Unit in India but I don't know where 43 and 52 would have been.
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    thanks L/B for the clarification,B/B
  4. Joe Brown

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    In 1946 there was a large reinforcement unit based in Bielefeld. It was mainly concerned with posting Corps troops as reinforements to Units in 21st Army Group, such as RA, RTR, REME, and other specialsts.

    Joe Brown.
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    I recently visited Kew in the course of my ongoing research into the immediate post War history of the British Forces in Germany. There I found a copy of a HQ BAOR letter dated February 1946 authorising the change of name of a hundred and thirty former Wehrmacht Barracks scattered across the entire British Zone, except Berlin. (I believe the correspondence could have stated in late Autumn 1945)

    Included in the list were the following which are relevant to Bugle Boy's query. All were sponsored by 103 Reinforcement Group
    50 RHU Lauder Kaserne Bielefeld to Catterick Barracks
    51 RHU Panzer Kaserne Herford to Buller Barracks
    52 RHU Bulow Kaserne Bielefeld to Ripon Barracks

    Joe Brown's comments support this data

    However the same document shows a further three barracks all in Osnabruck, sponsored by 103 Reinforcement Group all supposedly occuied by 52 RHU. They are

    Artillerie Kaserne to be Woolwich Barracks
    Metz Kaserne to be Prestatyn Barracks
    Scharnhorst Kaserne to be Prince of Wales Barracks

    Historic Steve is suspicious of the title 103 Holding Group , he has documents showing the number as 105, I am concerned about the three 52 RHU locations in Osnabruck.

    Not listed are the transit barracks in Munster in operation in this same period which I have evidence to show were served by a daily dedicated military train service to and from the Channel Ports, the Hook of Holland and Cuxhaven as well as a Forces Leave train to and from Brussels

    It will be sometime before I can return to Kew so any addition comments or information will be most welcome
  6. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    All I have is a the 105 Reinforcement Group magazine "Come and Go" number 7 dated October 1946

    105th Reinforcement Group – HQ Bulow renamed Ripon Barracks Bielefeld disbanded late 46 or early 47
    Commander: Colonel AW Valentine CBE DSO

    In late 1945 there were 28 x Reinforcement Holding Units now down to two and have the following limited detail

    ATS Holding Unit from private houses late 1946

    Z RHU – Osnabrück disbanded Oct 45
    Locations: Detmold and Bad Lippspringe

    50 RHU – Ripon Barracks Bielefeld
    CO: Lieutenant Colonel Lisle
    51 RHU – Herford disbanded mid 46
    52 RHU – Catterick Barracks Bielefeld disbanded Sep 46
    CO: Lieutenant Colonel EJ Evans
    53 RHU – disbanded Nov 46
    54 RHU
    60 RHU – to 4th Commando Brigade Royal Marines Jun 45

    Hope this helps
  7. Joe Brown

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    I knew Colonel Valentine, he was a very distinguished senior officer of the Devonshire Regiment. I was at that time the 21st Army GHQ Staff Officer responsible for issuing instructions to the two Holding Camps for men to be posted to their Units.

    A fine officer greatly respected by those who served with him when he had commanded a Devonshire Battalion in Malta, it was a privilege to meet him because as a Corporal with the 8RS I had bought a copy of his book of Sand Table Exercises to teach infantry tactics! Still have it!
    Joe Brown.
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    43 RHU was in Gennep, Holland, at least from 6th August through to 2nd October, 1945. That's the time when my father was attached to it. He was with 46 RHU in Lier (Lierre), Belgium, from 16th July to 5th August.
    Hope this helps
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  9. Historic Steve

    Historic Steve Researching 21 Army Group/BAOR post VE day

    New research shows 43 RHU arrived in Wesel south of Bocholt 8 Oct 45 and known as 118 Rail Feeding Point from 2 Jan 46 to 30 Apr 46

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