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  1. Carole

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    I am trying to find out where my father Rhodes was wounded in WW2 - I know he was treated at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and think he was wounded in france but have no further details - can anyone help please:)
    Carole Smith (nee Waddington)
  2. Drew5233

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    Hi Carole - do you know what battalion of the RSF he was in?

    If you apply for a copy of his service records they should record the date of him being injured along with quite a bit more info.

  3. minden1759

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    It was not 2 RSF because they served in Italy.

  4. Roxy

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    The following link will give you details regarding the application for your father's Army record. It does take rather a long time for them to turn up - my grandad's took 8 months! And don't worry, the folks here will help you to decode them!

    service records army


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