RG Newton: Which British Parachute Bn of Indian Army?

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    I am trying to find out anything about a gent by the name of RG Newton, who served with one of the parachute units of the of the Indian Army; I believe with one of the British Parachute Battalions. Before that he was with the Royal Artillery.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Hi Maureen,

    Yes, I mean the British Indian Army. The airborne division that was formed in India towards the end of the war was the 44th Indian Airborne Division. This was part of the British Indian Army and included British as well as Indian and Gurkha units. The British 156th Parachute Battalion was originally formed there (although initially designated the 151st Parachute Bn) and ended-up with the 1st British Airborne Division back in the UK.
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    Are there any surviving records relating to parachute training courses at Rawalpindi/Chaklala?
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    Do you have his service records??

    Looking at 44th Airborne Division (India) - Wikipedia - I assume he may have been in:
    Divisional Units
    123rd (West Riding) Field Regiment, Royal Artillery[2]
    159th Field Regiment, Royal Artillery[3]
    23rd Light Anti-Aircraft / Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery

  6. Pember

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    No, do not have service record.

    Somehow ended-up wearing (India) Parachute Regiment cap badge, rather then keeping RA badge, so assuming he somehow was with one of the parachute battalions?
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    Hopefully someone with the book "From Delhi to Arnhem: 156 Parachute Battalion" by John Patrick O'Reilly could do a look up to see if R. G. Newton is mentioned?

    Regards ..
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  8. Jonathan Ball

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    There's a 7533134 Pte Robert E. Newman in the nominal roll. RAMC attd C Coy 156 Battalion 30/4/43 who became a POW after Arnhem.

    Also two Newton's

    4388299 Private E.B Newton 151 Bn transferred from Green Howards. Went to RAMC 16 November 1943.

    3194733 Private P Newton B Company 156 Battalion from KOSB also an Arnhem POW.
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    You don't have a copy????????
  10. Cee

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    Nope. If it was in a digital format I would pick it up for easy reference. ... :)

    Regards ...
  11. Gil

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    159 Parachute Light Field Regiment Royal Artillery
    2nd Indian Airborne Division.
    Karachi, India.
    My Older brother William was in India and Europe with 159.

    Photo of India enclosed, sorry about the quality.
    159_Parachute_Field_Regt_Royal_Artillery__2nd_Indian_Airborne_Division.png India_Airborne.png
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