Rfn. Sher Bahadur Thapa VC, 1/9 GR, Battle of San Marino 18 Sept. 1944

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    I am starting this thread to discuss with experts on a matter which is sort of very unique in itself. This is regarding Rfn. Sher Bahadur Thapa of 1/9 Gurkha Rifles who was awarded Victoria Cross (Posthumously) during the Italian campaign. Rfn. Sher Bahadur Thapa is buried at the Rimini Gurkha War Cemetery. I noticed that army service number on the headstone (104756) is different from the one mentioned on the citation of London gazette, which states it as 70690. on Further digging into records, I came across the "Grave Concentration Report Form", it also states 70690 which matches with the VC citation. On writing to CWGC, I was told that the service number on the headstone is the official service number, On further research I found that Rfn. Sher Bahadur was initially enrolled to 6 GR but was subsequently transferred to 9 GR. The casualty register of the regiment, that was compiled after the end of the war contains the service number matching VC Citation/ Graves Concentration Report Form and the number engraved on the medal. A new number was generated as a standard procedure but was for some reasons not used in the final casualty register.

    I am seeking expert's advice on what should be the service number on the headstone. I have tried all possible ways but couldn't convince CWGC on changing the service number on the headstone. At the same time, their argument that the service number engraved is the official service number is not convincing me because it is not matching any of the records (those which are with the Army and the records accessible to general public).

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    I am no expert but it strikes me that CWGC are wrong. They should take their lead from the Graves Registration Form and from the VC citation.

    I have stood at the place where Thapa earned his VC. His actions are very impressive.


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    Thanks Frank, hope someone here can help me with how to convince CWGC.
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