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    Hi, I am interested in the 4 OBLI and their experience defending Cassel. I think I remember Drew mentioning that Rev Wild has left some memoirs - can anyone point me in the right direction please?

    I have his book but this only deals with his experiences after he was captured.

    If there are other memoirs from those who served at Cassel I would be grateful for those as well,


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    David Wild, the Assistant Master and Chaplain at Eton College, was a Church of
    England priest who enlisted on 4 September 1939 as chaplain to the 4th Battalion
    Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, a Territorial Army Unit. He was
    captured on 29 May 1940: "Our total active service had lasted just over 15 days
    ... our
    humiliation was total. "531

    So I would guess that most if his memoirs will be about his time as a POW - there are other references to him in the article plus I have not looked to see if his memoirs are mentioned appendix

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    Thanks !

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